Freshman Seminars

<p>S was extremely interested in the mandatory seminars that freshmen have to take. If you know details of them, please provide some. At the Emory presentation we went to, we got to hear about one -- a seminar on the Viet Nam war in which the participants read first person accounts from a variety of viewpoints, and also attended some films on the war.</p>

<p>The seminars sound wonderful, and we would like to learn more about them.</p>


<p>My son is a sophomore at Emory and loves it there. So far almost all of his classes have been small and somewhat seminar style--last year, 5 of his 8 classes had 18 or fewer students.</p>

<p>The freshman seminars range over all areas of interest, from traditional to quirky. My son's roommate, a premed, took a chemistry seminar which took the place of the larger basic first year chemistry course because he wanted to be sure of a solid grounding for o-chem this year. The girl in the room across the hall took a poetry seminar that traveled to Iceland. Some kids choose something practical or in a subject they are interested in already, while others take something to gain exposure to something they would know nothing about otherwise.</p>

<p>My son took a seminar on current events in the Middle East, taught by a fabulous professor, very friendly and accessible. If I remember correctly, 2 graduate assistants also attended the seminar and were available ( as was the professor) to help the students with their presentations and papers. They viewed films, watched newsclips, read newspapers and magazines, heard some very interesting speakers.</p>

<p>I remember going through the seminar catalog with my son when it arrived--there were so many things he wanted to take, and the offerings change every semester. He had a hard time choosing--there are offerings all across the curriculum. You could probably check out the choices that are offered this year by accessing Emory's course atlas on line. I'm not sure if the seminars are listed together or if they are just listed within each departments course offerings.</p>

<p>Isn't one of the seminars taught by Former President Jimmy Carter? I could have sworn I heard that somewhere..</p>

<p>Every fall, President Carter hosts a "Town Hall Meeting" for the entire Emory community. My son said it is absolutely packed! President Carter generally gives a talk outlining his thoughts about the current world situation, and also answers ALL questions asked by the students. I think he may also occaisionally teach a class and gives some guest lectures in other professors' classes. Many students also are involved at the Carter Center (on the edge of campus) and can get to know him personally.</p>