freshman seminars?

<p>hello all,
i am a rising freshman at Georgetown, and want some input about the freshman seminars How time consuming are they, is it a worthwhile experience if there is one which interests me? Input from someone who has done it before would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Are you referring to SFS proseminars or the College's freshman seminars? I'm assuming the latter. I don't know if you received your seminar books yet, but they really did have a lot of different cool, rewarding ones last year. They aren't that time-consuming - some of my friends said theirs were easy A's, and mine was pretty easy, just with A LOT of reading. I definitely found it a worthwhile experience. You get to know a professor well enough to have discussions with him or her outside of class, and for recommendations. My professor liked pretty much everyone in the seminar and thought we were all brilliant. You also get to know other students pretty well - probably at least a few people in your seminar. I'd definitely recommend applying.</p>

<p>Also MSB is offering them this upcoming year to Freshmen... definitely recommend...</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Program to Offer New First-Year Seminar - McDonough School of Business</p>