Freshman stern course credits

<p>Based on the fall 2010 course list, stern freshmen HAVE to take:</p>

<p>Texts & Ideas OR Cultures & Contexts (4 credits)
Natural Science (4 credits)
Math course (4 credits)
Expository Writing Program course (4 credits)</p>

<p>That's already 16 credits. So how would it be possible for a student to take microecons or stats, considering that the credit limit is 18? I'm quite confused about this.....Please help!</p>

<p>you don't have to take all of them in the fall semester.</p>

<p>my fall schedule this past year was:</p>

Calc I
Cohort (0 cred class)</p>

<p>In the spring I took:
Natural Science
World Cultures
2 credit Stats</p>

<p>knocked out all my MAP requirements spread out over 2 semesters while still keeping up with Stern reqs</p>

<p>sansri88, look at the Freshmen courses webpage. The way they word it makes it sound like you do have to take those courses in your first semester. [url=<a href=""&gt;]Freshmen[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>I don't think you can take Microeconomics or Stats your first semester unless you use a Calculus AP score because thy are 4 credits each. There is an 18 credit limit, so you can take a 2 credit elective still. The site says it identifies the 5 course you should have on your schedule, but it shows 6 different types (Cohort, T&I or C&C, Natural Science, Math, Writing, and Mirco or Stats or Elective). I'm assuming that if you have a good enough AP Calculus score you don't have to take Math your first semester. But you do still have to take a math eventually still, right?</p>

<p>it also says we have the option of taking an elective, right? However, if we one has no AP courses, how are electives possible in Freshman year?</p>

<p>hey sansri88, wasn't it an overload taking WTE + ConWest + Microecon all in one semester? Or was it completely doable?</p>

It is possible because Math, C&C, T&I, WTE, and Natural Science are each 4 credit courses. The Cohort Leadership Project is 0 credits. The fact that you only take either C&C or T&I in your first semester makes it so they add up to 16 credits. The maximum is 18 credits, so you can still take a 2 credit elective. I'm going to a 2 credit Open Arts class at Tisch for my elective.</p>

<p>Ohboi let me clear up the wording then:</p>

<p>You <em>should</em> take some combination of the courses they list at the top in the fall semester. As listed, Stats, Microecon and an elective are options available to you. I know people (like my bro) who put off their Nat Sci requirement until way later (like junior year) just because it's not needed for your major requirements (just overall graduation reqs). WTE is mandatory since it is a lead in to the second writing course (BIP).</p>

<p>careyprice you have a total of 38 elective credits built in to your schedule (total of 128 credits I believe). check the curriculum worksheet for your class.</p>

<p>nalakc92, it wasn't an overload considering I came into NYU knowing writing was not my forte and that I wasn't going to do well in WTE. I focused more on micro and conwest instead and did pretty well in those.</p>

<p>OP where did you find this list of courses we have to take?</p>


<p>Try this link, bottom of the link page for course requirements. Aside from the Natural Science, all OP's courses above are listed. You probably should google the NYU Stern Bulletin for the Natural Science requirement:</p>


<p>Here is the more comprehensive link:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;](&lt;a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>



<p>Sorry my original specific links reverted to the general undergrad Stern home page. So I hope you knew to click on:
1) New Students, then
2) Freshmen, then
3) the link on the Left-Hand side of the page with: Plan for BPE Program, then
4) BPE Curriculum Overview, then finally
5) Year by Year Experience.</p>

<p>If anyone is trying to figure out what Stern/Liberal Core classes they should take, I am starting to put a list together:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>Take a look!</p>