Freshman student parking near East Hall/North University Building

My freshman child, who will be staying remote for Fall semester (we live about 20 mins. from AA), may have to drive to EH and NUB on certain days for hybrid classes. As a freshman, don’t think they will give us student permits and probably not a financially wise option either considering we wont’ be going in every day. Daily parking or by the hour is what I am looking for. Any such parking spots near by to these buildings? Google search brings up Republic Parking on Forest Avenue, any idea what the prices are (website doesn’t have much info reg. rates) or any other cheaper alternatives (University provided?) near by? Thanks!

Also this building is made up of several departments
Call or email the departments
They might have suggestions. Actually if you can’t get ahold of Michigan parking might want to just call admissions and ask for advise…

Thanks @Knowsstuff Looks like Republic Parking on Forest avenue is the closest public parking structure. About 5 mins. or so walk to EH/NUB. $1.20/hour. I think we will start with this and see if there are better options going forward.

Not horrible. Think the street parking has an application to download to remind when to put money in. Not sure if the parking structures have like monthly pass if it makes more sense. Your son might have to go to Pizza Bob’s (moving 100 feet after August 30)-to get a chapati and a hot fudge chocolate chip shake… Just saying… ?.

Yes, they have monthly pass for $180. But don’t think it’d be worth it especially when we aren’t even sure what days the hybrid class prof will ask us to come in. But yes, you are right - if there’s a lot of socializing happening before/after class then I have to revisit my decision :smiley:

Good Luck and have a good year. Go Blue!