Freshman Transfer

Does Michigan allow freshman transfers? Or do you have to be a sophomore?

@wadewoodson A quick google search finds that the UMichigan Transfer Admissions website ( )states the following:

“Has earned sophomore (30+ credits) or junior standing (55-60 credits) with transferable credit earned at a community college or another two- or four-year college or university.” This likely means that you must have COMPLETED the required amount of credits (for sophomore or junior standing) so that you WILL be a sophomore or junior once you start on-campus, although you should clarify with the Admissions office regarding personal circumstances ( )

There are also specific admissions requirements based on the school you’re interested in attending (LSA, Engineering, Public Health etc.)

Are you attending a Michigan community college? If so, most state CCs will have “articulation/transfer agreements” set-up with the state’s four-year universities: these will guarantee you certain credit equivalencies towards your Bachelors degree. Most CCs will also have advisors, pages on their website etc. that will detail the requirements and offer guidance to students interested in transferring to a four-year university.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

Thank you!

I am a freshman at the University of Illinois currently. I want to go to Umich bc its closer to home and I feel like the college experience would be better. That being said, I emailed the transfer admissions and they said I can apply for the spring semester, but they encourage applicants to apply after the completion of their freshman year. I am now confused on whether to apply or not. I really want to go there ASAP, but I’m not sure if they are just telling me nicely that I won’t get in as a freshman.

I’m assuming that you are starting college this year at UIllinois (Class of 2024,) if so, I’m understanding that they’re saying you could start at UMichigan in Spring 2021, but they would you recommend you to apply for the Fall 2020 term: when you start, you’ll have had a year’s worth of credits from UMich. This seems at odds with the above guidance from the admissions office, so you should probably clarify with them, something like:


My name is @wadewoodson and I am currently a Freshman at the University of Illinois. I am a Michigan resident, and am interested in transferring to the University of Michigan. I contacted the Admissions Office (1,2,3, days back) and was told that it would be possible for me to apply for admission starting in Spring 2021. However, the Transfer Admissions website states that the earliest I could start at Michigan would be after I’ve attained sophomore standing, which means the Fall 2021 semester. I wanted to clarify if this is the case, or if I would be able to apply for the Spring 2021 semester, despite currently being a Freshman. Please let me know."

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your time!

My main concern is if I would be at a disadvantage of applying as a freshman. But at the same time, I might still stand a good chance bc of COVID and the number of college dropouts.

No problem! I can’t speak to the transfer admissions process because I’ve only ever applied as a Freshman, but you should probably speak to your academic advisor, a trusted faculty member etc. Keep in mind that the transfer admissions process, at-least from the admissions website, is VERY similar to the freshman admissions process, so you’ll need to have well-thought out answers to why you’re interested in studying at Michigan. The website also indicates that you might have to submit a letter of recommendation (if asked for, and it probably depends on the college you’re applying to,) so make sure to build relationships with your professors.

Have you attended the “Virtual Transfer Tuesday” sessions? That would be a good way to learn more about the transfer admissions process:

As with freshman admission, transfer admission to Michigan is far from guaranteed, so if you’re certain that you want to go to college in Michigan, make sure to apply to schools other than Michigan (at Ann Arbor) that you have a high chance of getting into: for example, regional campuses tend to have higher acceptance rates than main campuses. However, if Michigan is the only place other than Illinois (or even otherwise, just-in-case) you would want to attend, then make sure to continue to be involved with the Illinois community, make progress towards your degree requirements etc.

Hope that helps!

Yes this helps a lot and I appreciate your time.

Do you think my high school stats being really average gives me no shot? 3.38 gpa and 25 ACT. I had a lot of extracurriculars though.

@wadewoodson I had a similar HS GPA as you with lower SAT score, and I got accepted as transfer for this fall. I don’t think your HS stats and ACT is going put you at disadvantage since when you’re a transfer, they care less about your HS stats. That being said, the more credits you have in college, the less they care about your HS stats since is not as relevant.

One thing I would concern about is the amount of credits you have in college, if you have less than 30 credits that I doubt they’ll even consider you as applicant as a freshman transfer, but you should double check with AO to clarify and let them know if you have any AP credits that can count toward the total units you have when applying for transfer.

Best of luck!!