Freshman Year Abroad with Transfer to the U.S School As Sophomore

Would appreciate hearing from students and parents on their freshman year *study abroad experience. Also, a follow up on their transfer to the U.S ‘parent” college for their sophomore year. I’ve heard little, other than the transfer application acceptance as an incoming sophomore may be greater than direct application to the freshman class. How would you rate your educational experience in a EU city where you didn’t speak the language. It’s certainly not the usual year to study abroad, but is appropriate in this instance…if! Lots of questions, but the transfer ability is primary. I’d be most grateful for any input!

  • At a John Cabot University

Colby, FSU or Marist do that, but they organize it themselves.
Cabot (Italy?) is… not rigorous. Why would your student attend it -need a break? Do they speak Italian, would be learning…?