Freshman year in highschool

<p>Hello, I am new at this so here goes.</p>

<p>I was a freshman in the 09-10 year, and I started at a private highschool. This school had a middle, and elementary school that I did not go to. I went to a public school that was going down the tubes. So, this year I was advised not to take any honors classes in school. It took a while to adjust academically, and I finished with a 3.4. This year I will take honors english, latin, and AP history. I have my heart set on Yale, and I have since about 8th grade. So, I was wondering my freshman year would affect my chances. </p>

<p>Also, if anyone was wondering about my EC's I am an athlete (sorta), and a musician. I was in orchestra in and out of school, in the pit for the muscial, and a founding member of a string quartet. In my quartet we played a lot of gigs for the school and parties, and weddings. I was on the varsity track and field team, and I will be playing soccer in the fall. I was apart of the community service, and centennial yearbook clubs. Soooo, yeah, SORRY FOR BEING WORDY </p>

<p>please respond</p>

<p>"Chancing" is generally inaccurate, especially when you're going to become a sophomore and we have no idea what your transcript and SAT's will look like 3 years from now.</p>

<p>A 3.4 isn't a good GPA, but it's not going to kill you. Just work hard, try to get straight A's in the most rigorous schedule possible, and enjoy life. What's done is done so don't worry about it.</p>