Freshman Year

<p>I have heard mixed reports on how much freshman and even sophomore year are viewed. I know in theory they definitely count, but my question is how much? I have heard everything from it counts as much/nearly as much as junior year, I have heard it is not heavily weighted but weighted never the less, and I have heard it really doesn't mean that much. I know someone who got accepted into Princeton with a 3.2 weighted freshman gpa, who failed a class. He buckled down for the other 3 and was accepted. Please enlighten me on how it is viewed.</p>

<p>In addition my GPA's(in %) for HS are as follows:
Year - Unweighted/Weighted - Core Classes Unweighted/Cored Classes Weighted
Freshman - 83/85 - 79/82
Sophomore - 86/88 - 83/85
Junior - 89/94 - 86/93
Senior - IN PROGRESS 90/96 so far</p>

<p>Does this make me a competitive applicant for a school like BU or Northeastern, regardless of SAT scores and all other application aspects, because my junior year is strong enough. Also what are my chances at a school like UConn or UMass with these scores?</p>

<p>Thanks for your time.</p>


<p>I imagine it would depend on each college. My daughter was told in HS they look at all 4 years to see how they did.....they also look at classes to see if easier classes were taken to raise the grade or harder classes (challenge/AP) to prepare for college.</p>

<p>Some colleges told her for scholarship reason, her name, ranking and gpa were entered into computer and it spit out the personal choice on this way of doing it.</p>

<p>Maybe someone else can give you better info.</p>

<p>Thanks. i'd imagine an upward trend will help remove some of the negative effects of a bad freshman year.</p>

<p>Every school is different. The four systems seem to be:
1) Every year counts the same
2) Each consecutive year counts more/ a bit more
3) Freshman year alone is discounted
4) Freshman year doesn't count</p>

<p>Every school subscribes to one of the above systems. I believe Princeton and Harvard (or at least 1 of the 2) do not count freshman year</p>

<p>wow, thats probably how my guitar teacher got into princeton out of HS with an F freshman year.</p>