Freshmen Class of 2014 Stats are up!!! Check it out

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<p>These are the stats. of those enrolled. Pretty solid. Sure the 25th percentile SAT is down slightly (strange to see it in anywhere in the 1200s), but the rise in the 75th percentile compensates. I'd imagine the average to be between like 137?-139?, it depends on how low the scores were at the bottom 25% mainly as the scores above the 75th percentile can't go but so much higher. All this, even with less applications. So good Job! Also, look at the number of International students. That's far above previous years, and perhaps far greater than peer institutions. Pretty intense. More people enrolled than last year too. Diversity is somewhat strong too, the number of blacks and hispanics/Latinos (amongst those reporting) slightly increased.</p>

<p>Are you serious? I was just curious. I actually found it trying to find out when the move-in dates for upperclassmen were and decided to post it. Not to mention, I actually like stats., so I decided to analyze it further. Get the f**k out of the thread. By those standards no one on this forum gets laid enough b/c they are on here, not to mention they monitor the bogus USNWR so much. You aren't getting laid enough if you created an account and came on this forum just to say that. How about you delete your account this instant, and find some time to get laid. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>And I'm not even that bad considering the fact that someone was so concerned about these during the application season, that an Emory Wheel Article came out about it far before these were even published.</p>

<p>Bernie, thanks for posting... but ignore people like Anotheranon... not worth it. </p>

<p>But when I saw the International admitted percantage, my jaw dropped. Last year it was like 13% and that was really high compared to some peer institutions. For example, Notre Dame's International population used to be like ~4%. Emory is gaining its international reputataion FOR SURE. I just hope next year there is a spike in applicants.</p>

<p>That was actually one reason I went out of my way to post it. Because I actually found some humor in the fact that like 20% of y'all are international. The other stats. were just somewhat intriguing in light of that Wheel Article that came out in either March or April concerning the drop in applications, and the overall effects. Other students had actually read that article before me, and went on to express a concern (you know, ppl in my class in particular, worrying about the rank before we came in, and the rank when we leave due to stuff like this. I could care less as long as I graduate. I know my education was good), and that's how I learned about it. Knowing me, I didn't see what the big deal was, and was kind of betting that the drop wouldn't affect hardly anything (maybe 1-2 spots for those really concerned). This is mere confirmation. Glad I found it for that reason alone. Not to mention, I now know what I am up against when I try to coerce you freshmen into buying me food with your meal plans :P . I actually had like a circle of freshmen last year that would do that. I was really maniacal lol. We're all good friends now though, so I don't really do it anymore. I still highly recommend it when you become a sophomore alam lol. Especially when you begin to run out of swipes/money on your new extremely limited meal plan. Helping in courses you're good at is always a good start. ;)</p>

<p>Where does it say 20% are international?</p>

<p>17% is pretty close.</p>

<p>Ah okay :) but I think that number also includes U.S citizens living abroad, so the number of int. students would be much lower. However, if it's indeed 20%, that's insanely high.</p>

<p>I'm not sure, I think it may be based on citizenship as opposed to residence. However, even the citizenship thing can get tricky given the fact that lots of people have dual citizenships (many of my friends have it).</p>

Emory is gaining its international reputataion FOR SURE. I just hope next year there is a spike in applicants.


<p>Hahaha, I want our national reputation to rise before our international reputation goes up. But whatever, I will take any rise in reputation for Emory.</p>

<p>Again, it is very difficult to increase lay prestige and international reputation, especially when competing against schools that essentially ride off of their past. Seriously, students attending many Ivies (Stanford, MIT, and the like), and perhaps Berkeley along with the employers who hire such students automatically think that their degrees mean more than others b/c of the reputation in the past, but in reality, there are many schools that offer very good quality, and perhaps more rigorous education (with respect to the students at those institutions. I think the Ivies have stellar student bodies, but the rampant inflation indicates that the level of the coursework has yet to catch up) than those schools, but they don't get the deserved respect b/c of rankings and the status quo.<br>
As for Emory, it has to start somewhere. Best to try to make a footprint in an area where the game is less "fixed". While I guess many internationals initially want to attend the Ivies, Stanford, MIT/Caltech, I think they are less complacent than high-performing students in the U.S. as they are generally excited to be admitted to a good school in the U.S. There isn't always the preconception that "these aren't good enough" (as in, not the aforementioned top schools) before they even get to the school. Hence, less bitterness. I've even notice a lot them here for example (especially the Asian students) have appreciation and are grateful for the small things we take for granted, such as having a beautiful campus (again, many are less likely to be bitter and merely compare it to some other campuses and just say it sucks), the frequent blue skies, being able to see the stars at night here which are often in opposition what they would get in their home countries. Seems to be a whole different culture with a different set of values. I look past the fact that many of them "stick together" and realize that these are things I can appreciate about the international students here. Of course many are wealthy, but they seem less "stuck up".</p>