Freshmen Course Selection Question for Stern

<p>After spending 30 minutes flipping through some old threads on CC, I'm scared! I've seen a few students make comments that sternies are competitive to the point that they are willing to basically sacrifice themselves to get ahead. </p>

<p>I'm really passionate about spanish, and I would love to keep up with it in college. But considering the competitive-ness of sternies and the workload i'll have, is it worth taking a class in spanish over a class in statistics/microeconomics my freshmen year? Or should I just go with these courses and wait till later on to pick up spanish? Thanks. :)</p>

<p>is it bad if u dont take a stats/micro course freshman year? I'm not sure if I'll be able to depending on my ap calc score....</p>

<p>Also do you know if I take Calc I, then can I take micro second semester while I'm continuing with Calc I??</p>

<p>I'm quite worried about this as well...I hate feeling behind =/</p>

<p>meroko...I'm making the same decision between continuing my HS language (Chinese for me) instead of micro/stat as a fourth class first semester. I'm almost sure I'm gonna end up taking the language and then take both micro and stat second semester...I don't wanna stop the language immediately after HS and at least wanna give it a try at nyu. </p>

<p>Hardworker--after u take calc1 first semester, you can take stats and econ whenever you want. I don't believe that taking either micro or stats sophmore year is a big deal or will put you behind</p>

<p>I would personally recommend getting both stats and microecon out of the way freshman year (either first or second semester) as I believe they're required for a lot of other stern classes you'll have to take later on. It doesn't mean you can't take them sophomore year but everyone else will be starting on their core stern classes which you might not be able to do (FA/FFM/etc). That said, I know a lot of people who took both stats/econ second semester and did fine. </p>

<p>By the way, Bowmaker is a pretty cool teacher and he's the one responsible for the fall 2010 microecon class. :)</p>

<p>okay so im confused again....second semester freshman year I can take microecon if I do calc 1 first semester? So does this mean calc is only a semester long course?</p>

<p>Yes, Calc I is only a semester long course.</p>

<p>I'm curious to know how difficult the Calc I course is at NYU, can anyone tell me their thoughts on it?</p>