Freshmen Experience Dorms

<p>are the any freshmen experience dorms near the student center or rec area? also, where are the dorms for presidential scholars?</p>

<p>The student center's in the middle of campus, so there aren't any dorms there. The CRC (rec area) is on west campus, so any west campus FE dorm (like Caldwell) is fine (they're all in the same area plus or minus a few steps).</p>

<p>There aren't any special dorms for presidential scholars, but you do have priority (at least over your credit hour bracket) for housing registration.</p>

<p>Officially, PSs only gets priority if they room only with other PSs. However, I have yet to see any PS not end up where they wanted to be housing wise. If you have more specific questions about priority housing you can contact Randy McDow.</p>