Freshmen Grades (unweighted vs weighted)

<p>I'm not sure about you guys, but can you please tell me if my freshmen grades are adequate enough to get into a college like NYU stern?</p>

<p>Freshmen enlgish :90
Freshmen biology: 90
Freshmen geometry: 95
Global history (1st yr.): 95
Spanish 1: 95 </p>

<p>This is my unweighted grades, but i also have another engineering class that everyone in my school has to take, and it's only an 85, technically a mid range B grade. </p>

<p>So is the unweighted or Weighted GPA more important?</p>

<p>:D please also give your opinion on my grades!!! feel free to post yours as well. i'll reply </p>

<p>*** thank you!!! any comments, useless or not, still appreciated**</p>

<p>comon guys, 43 views already, and not even one person has a heart to care or comment? :(</p>

<p>unweighted grades are more important. Either way. You are making all A's which is REALLY good.</p>

<p>ah gee thanks bro, for commenting and for the optimism. </p>

<p>but i would also consider that my two 90's will hurt my average because they aren't very superb, especially since these courses aren't APs, or honors or anything. If it were APs, then they would be fine to anyone :).</p>

<p>Thanks again erhowell, for having a heart <3</p>

<p>Wait a couple years and post again. Many school do not even count freshman grades. It is not like in Singapore that you can predict which college you can get into based on your kindergarten enrollment. ;-)</p>

<p>LOL, are you an international student?</p>

<p>I think unweighted is more important, but they do look at your weighted as well. I believe weighted grade is what determines your class ranking (at least that was how it was in my high school) and your class ranking plays in role in their decision. For a start, those grades are good. If you show improvement by the time you graduate, that'll be even better, and possibly a story you can put on a personal statement.</p>

LOL, are you an international student?


<p>I was. Many years (decades) ago. ;-)</p>

<p>aw, that is some euphonious news! thanks for the advice. never knew that weighted averages determine rank. Thanks :). LOL what story should I write for my college essay? you make it seem so.... inspiring.</p>