Freshmen - Happy with decision?

<p>We spend so much thought and concern about where our kids go. Now that they are in school was it the right decision? Or is it too soon to tell?</p>

<p>They're just approaching the first round of tests now and realizing that they really should have been keeping up with the work. </p>

<p>It's way too soon.</p>

<p>Have one son as sophomore and one as freshman right now. They represent extremes as one is in a smaller private college and one a huge university. Both kids are very happy with their choice. Last year, son who is at the large university had insisited on a dorm quad room with all his buddies. That was a disaster and he regreted the decision. He is now in an apartment with some of the same guys and much happier. His classwork is going well as now he has dropped a potentially difficult career path.He decided being a computer engineer was not exactly what he wanted to do in life. So some things have been learned. Taking a strange new language in college is always difficult as the pace is so fast but he is working on it every day.
Son at the private college is happy with the choice he made also.He is playing Div. 1 tennis and time management is the big issue at present. He is slower at accomplishing tasks than I right now but I atribute this to youth. The roommate situation is fine.I had worried that the campus and campus life may be isolating but he is very happy with everything and can tell his social life is a blast too, as he is athletic and playing billiards, ping pong, frisbee are just how he likes to unwind. In fact the choice of college was very wise for him. He has already been offered a job helping a prof in his field.Great way to find if that is what he will like to do in life!</p>

<p>S is only 2 wk+ into his new adventure, but seems happy with his decision. I am happy that he seems somewhat nervous about the grading system -- only 3 tests all semester in a couple survey classes. I am confident that he'll do just fine. I hope his unease translates into regular attendance, good notes and diligent studying.</p>

<p>At first, I was less than thrilled to hear that he was in regular contact with his summer girlfriend (who's in school several hundred miles away), but I think the conversations with someone who's known him for a while has helped balance the constant bombardment of new things. Of course, he could call his mother...</p>

<p>My DS has been at school for only two weeks, but so far, he seems to have adjusted nicely. It's no tunusual for freshmen to go through a "honeymoon phase" for a few weeks, and then, as the work and other commitments pile on, there's a period of "post-partum blues." Eventually things settle down as the student finds his/her niche, friends, and interest groups.</p>

<p>okay so far -- subfree dormies are mostly friendly and outgoing (no zealots), classes are fun and mind-stretching (especially physics and number theory) with plenty of quirky classmates, food is good (veggievegan choices), getting off campus is easy and townspeople are mellow. Now the rains begin. We'll see.</p>

<p>Same here- D is only 2 weeks into school, first quizzes/ tests approaching. So far she states that it is easier than she thought, hopefully she continues to keep up good work.
Everything for her is going so far- she got classes she wanted, friends with roommate, suitemates are nice, got job she wanted, met interesting profs. Even the president of her school just has been choosen as one of five most attractive college presidents in the country.
Definetly honeymoon phase....;)</p>

<p>So far everything is wonderful! My S has made some great friends, the room mate situation is not so great but they get along... other suite mates seem really great though. He is involved with some groups/clubs and is tutoring math a couple hrs a week at an elementary school in the area. He is in the 4th week of classes and the honeymoon is over with the reality of the burden of the amount of reading and assignments is hitting hard, the laundry piling up...but he can handle it.</p>

<p>S is very pleased with his choice. Crazy, crazy busy, tired, etc., but says that "all the kids are awesome" (there's that honeymoon thinking, bethel!) and he "really likes it." The room mate situation is good, he's found a couple of ECs he enjoys, and seems to be taking advantage of various other opportunities on campus. This is very welcome news to H and me, as we were concerned that the heavy course load and high expectations would cause him to hunker down at his desk all the time. No grades yet, so that part is in the air...</p>

<p>whoops- I cut off my own post!</p>

<p>"no grades yet, so that part is in the air.....and could effect his attitudes."</p>

<p>Don't want to jinx it, but so far to say that he's happy there would be one major understatement. Loves everything about the place, making good friends, loves his roomie, classes, teachers, the campus and the city. Hope it's always thus.</p>

<p>Glad to hear everyone’s new freshmen seem to be doing well ;). My daughter also seems to be thriving (but only a couple of weeks so far). Very busy going to frat parties, religious functions, shows, signing up for volunteering and clubs, birthday dinners in the city with new friends, etc. Every call home seems to be interrupted by folks dropping in to say hello, so many of our conversations are cut short. Hopefully, she’s getting some classes and studying in, too early to say how she’s doing academically. She seems to be disappointed in the professor in her one large intro class, but all of the others seem to be fine. As a native Floridian, it will be interesting to see how she handles winter in the northeast.</p>

<p>She's one month in. Several tests and quizzes plus short 2 and 5 page papers and she's doing exactly what she told them she would do. EC's and classes and socially. She's eating it up. Socially she's on cloud nine. Great kids from all over the country. Fast friends. </p>

<p>First bad news came tonight. Despite repeated (and direct) warnings to slow the heck down she is home at the dorm with iced ankles (conditioning, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Sing Practice, salsa dancing lessons, weightlifting ), a 101 fever, a test in Bio over 8 chapters Tuesday and a rough draft of a major paper due Wednesday. </p>

<p>I found myself quoting to her from audiophile's recent post about Aristotle's Cross. Balance, kid. Balance. You can't do it all first semester. ;)</p>

<p>The kid's motor seriously needs a governor.</p>

<p>Yes, My DD (junior - now off in Chile for 5 months) ended up with a nasty, nasty case of mono after doing too much last semester. Urge your kids to embrace the balance!</p>

<p>curmudgeon, Am making chicken soup as we speak. Really! Will make an extra batch in honor of your D, hope she feels better soon!</p>

<p>Mono. Oh, great. Something else to fret about. Thanks loads. LOL. JK, anxiousmom. She swears she is taking her vitamins, wearing her ankle braces, eating "decent" (she didn't even try to say good). Says she's getting more sleep than anybody else is getting.</p>

<p>Airmail that soup to Rhodes, Roshke. That's probably just the ticket. :)</p>

<p>My D is also doing well. Loves the urban lifestyle. Has made lots of friends and doesn't seem to have a problem with the courses or her profs. Just wish she'd slow down the spending $$$.</p>

<p>In the admissions game, they said the elite schools look for students who took advantage of all their high school and community had to offer. I guess we’re finding out what happens when they are among their own kind in a college that has almost infinite offerings...</p>

<p>My daughter is a month into it, and just as happy as the first day. Some grumblings about how much reading and writing is expected (welcome to college, baby girl), and she also made her way through her first bad head cold a few weeks ago, but otherwise all is well. She loves the atmosphere at Beloit, is enjoying her classes enormously in spite of all the work, and has made some great new friends. I honestly can't imagine her any where else (Senior parents - Pay Heed! You too will get to this point next year!) What a difference a year makes.</p>

<p>I will ditto many of the previous posts. One month in my son also seems very happy. He has a congenial roommate, likes his teammates, and classes are going well. This past Saturday he had his first outing with the Habitat group and I am thrilled. We are very short on handyman skills at our house so anything he picks up will be greatly appreciated!</p>