Freshmen living off-campus?

<p>Do you recommend it?
Did anyone live off-campus as a freshman?
Is it affordable, or cheaper than the dorms?
If not, is it a better value for the cost?
Can I pay for off-campus housing with financial aid money?
What are some good apartments to live in?
Any general advice would be appreciated :D</p>

<p>"Can I pay for off-campus housing with financial aid money?"</p>

<p>Yes, as long as you have enough to cover tuition and whatnot at FSU, they will give you the remainder.</p>

<p>my sister lives off campus and I plan on living off campus. I think it will be better than a dorm because you feel more at home, have your own space, and don't have to leave for winter break, summer, etc. I'm not sure where the best places are but I think it's pretty affordable. You can find cheap places especially if you plan on having roommates (I don't). Also, when people say that you miss out on "bonding" or meeting other people I'm pretty sure you'll make enough friends in classes and other school activities...</p>

<p>Well, in the case that I apply for university housing and don't get a room, is the $225 fee refunded to me or not?</p>

<p>^ Partially. I think you get all but $25 or $50 back, but you can call or check the site to make sure.</p>

<p>Since they opened up Wildwood and Degraff combined with decreasing the size of the freshman class, they have placed all students who have requested a dorm in the last few years. Some were assigned temporary housing for fall, but over the summer had their assignments changed to a permanent assignment before the term actually started.</p>

<p>Awesome :D
I just applied for housing today, got priority number 5675</p>

<p>Thanks everyone</p>

<p>off campus is cheaper by far, but if you have pre-paid dorms then it wouldn't make sense to live off campus.</p>