Freshmen scheduling

<p>ok this might be a stilly question but I'm new to picking classes...can a freshman take classes that are numbered over 100? like philosophy 104 for example to satisfy the legal studies pre-req? or Gender and Womens Studies 129? and is 13 units a good amount for the first semester?</p>


<p>It's really not a good idea to take upper division classes as an incoming freshman. You may have difficulty with the types of readings and essays they require. Lower division classes will ease you in and prepare you for taking upper division courses.</p>

<p>Most incoming freshman, for instance, would be completely overwhelmed by Philosophy 104.</p>

<p>Of course, if you are an extremely strong writer and went to an elite, rigorous high school, you might have no trouble at all. But for the vast majority of incoming freshman, it would be very unwise.</p>

<p>There's no restriction for (almost all) upper division classes just because you're an incoming freshman. You can always drop the course if you think it's too overwhelming.</p>

<p>In some departments (e.g. Classics), an incoming frosh can come in and take UD courses and do fine, whereas in others, it is not as true (e.g. most science/engineering departments).</p>