Freshmen Scholars Institute

<p>Hey, did anyone hear about the Freshmen Scholars Institute? I did not hear about it until someone told me they got a letter and I just wanted to know what is was all about? Anyone been accepted into it or wanting to go?</p>

<p>I was accepted yesterday. The director called me and told me that she really wanted me to come over the summer. I sort of have an internship with a prominent politician in LA but I think I can do that next year. The Director of the Humanities and Social Studies portion of FSI told me that we will take two classes, we will visit Philly and New York City and that we will have various workshops. One seminar will be taught by bioethics chair Peter Singer.</p>

<p>I asked her about if FSI is a program for mostly athletes or whatever, and she said that FSI usually targets minority students who come from underachieving schools, because she said that Pton knows that these schools may not have prepared their students (even the brightest) for intense college-level writing. </p>

<p>I don't really feel that the program is geared towards "dumb" kids or anything. Some high schools prepare their kids for the college-level writing better than others. I go to a crap school in inner-city Los Angeles, so I have no problem receiving help from Pton. Not to mention that my mom continues to bug me by her constant nagging. Besides, that internship will still be there next year.</p>

<p>Yea I was accepted and I am going, but I just wanted to know whether the entire program was for minorities from what the school deems "underachieving." My school is an excellent school, it is just that I do not have a 4.0 since the school is very demanding. However, I think the program will be good, and any help one can get from enhancing their college writing is always a plus. And I agree that the program is not for "dumb" kids, becuase Princeton would not have accepted those type of students anyway. Princeton knows what they are doing.</p>