Freshmens and cars?

<p>So freshmens don't get parking? Has anyone here ever taken your car there when you had no parking and if so where did u park? Also if you dont have a car to get around how do people get around... bus?</p>

<p>yup, they use the bus, thats what i read at another thread. i am planning to use the free bus there (i think its free). I am cheap.</p>

<p>Ahhh I really want to bring my car there... any suggestions?</p>

<p>heres info on the parking permit's "need-based point system". freshmen can apply, but its probably a low change of actually getting a permit. anyone know the chances of freshmen living on campus actually getting a parking permit?
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<p>no, busses arent free. "25 cents co-payment". <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>i dont know if i should bring my car. i WANT to...but the $630 parking permit is pretty steep (assuming i even get one). maybe i'll park it at my uncle's house or something, but that kinda defeats the purpose since its so inconvenient (i think my uncle's house is like 30-40 min away from campus).</p>

<p>are there a lot of streets around campus that are hilly/sloped? if so, i need to work on my hill starts...(manual trans. car =P)</p>

<p>When I went on a campus tour, the guide recommended not getting a car yet because it costs around $600 a year. </p>

<p>But I want to finally get my own car already!</p>

<p>Gah, I want to drive there. 600 dollars? My, oh my.....</p>

<p>i have heard of people parking their cars off campus at other colls. not sure about ucla, but that could be an alternative for you car freaks.</p>

<p>i still suggest you apply for a parking permit. one of my friends did and she luckily got the lottery and had a car as a freshman at ucla!!!!!!!!!! but very few freshmen get this. but i'd try for it anyway.</p>

<p>parking is one of the worst things about UCLA... you can never get parking! the only tricks that i've learned in an guaranteed spot is if you say you work in LA and provide proof. or disabled. or.. of course, the best, know somebody who works in Parking. see, there are two sides to this. for those who don't get parking, they complain even though they know it's there's the most slim chance of them getting one. for those who DO get parking, complain that they pay too much!!</p>

<p>street parking? well, let me tell you a story or two on street parking. there are different sides of the street where you can't park on Thursdays 8-11a, Friday 8-11, and sometimes only 2 hr parking. and so you see students on wednesday and thursday nights trying to move their car to a good spot. i am one of them. worse yet, i've seen people wait inside their cars at friday 11:01a to get that "no parking Friday 8-11a" spot. i have also been guilty of that. it's NUTS!!!</p>

<p>would anyone recommend bringing a car freshman year if you are guaranteed parking?</p>

<p>if there was guaranteed parking, and cheaper parking permit, i would definitely bring my car without a doubt. its not so much to just goto places around campus, because the traffic would probably be too heavy to justify going a few blocks away, but it would be very handy to go explore SoCal (especially if youre not from SoCal) and maybe visit old friends in other schools nearby (UCI, UCR, USC, or even UCSD, etc) or relatives that live in SoCal.</p>

<p>but seeing as the parking permit is so expensive, i really have to think if i can justify the cost. if you apply and are assigned a space, are you obligated to actually buy the permit, or can you change your mind and pass it up without penalty?</p>