Fresno State Fall 2018 Admission Decisions

Hey, just wondering who applied here and stats.

In state (local/nonlocal)/ OOS

Here are my stats:

ACCEPTED (found out 1/27)
Communicative Disorders w/ Speech Pathology emphasis
In state (nonlocal)
1120 SAT
UW / 3.8 W / 4.18

You already got accepted to Fresno State? I didn’t think decisions came out until March?

@CaliKenMom on their website, it read that they started sending out admission decisions in December. Just recently found out of my acceptance a few days ago :slight_smile:

Accepted (2/1)
Animal Science
In state (Nonlocal)
1460 SAT
4.13 W

I called their admissions office. The first wave of admissions was sent out yesterday. Does anyone know how long in between admission waves? My daughter is impatiently waiting …

accepted (2/1)
Animal Science
In State (non Local)
31 ACT
3.88 weighted

Accepted. 1/15, I think.
In State, an hour away.
25 ACT
1160 SAT
3.71 CSU GPA

For anyone still waiting to hear, like my DD, they had a glitch on some of the applications so they are working on it…

Today Feb 28, I got an email for preview day on March 17 and it says that they will be able to tell show admission decision that same day.

Transfer student from local CC, got my acceptance today. , Good Luck to everyone else.

Accepted!! (2/1)

In-state (non-local)
CSU GPA: 4.13
1320 SAT
28 ACT

This was last year but nonetheless
Math Major
In State- Local
1290 SAT
3.73 UW, 4.01 W GPA

Still waiting on decision…anyone else?

@adehaini Have you heard? I called last week and was told they “hoped” to process all applications by May 1.

@napavalleygirl Nothing yet, still says initiated under transcript so just gotta wait i guess… I think i will end up going to csulb or ucsc at this point

Just got admitted.
Transfer Non local,
GPA 3.1
Major: Communications