Fresno State Fall 2019 Admissions

Has anyone been accepted to Fresno State yet? I was admitted to CSU Bakersfield on 1/10/19 as a non-local transfer student, but I haven’t heard anything from Fresno State.

Fresno state is an impacted campus so usually the decisions take longer vs. Bakersfield which is not impacted. Start looking for decisions around Mid-February through Early April.

Admissions for local students came out today.

I was admitted yesterday!

@Unicornabbey: If you could please post your Stats, it would help other posters that are waiting for their decisions.

Congratulations and best of luck.

Local Transfer
3.8 GPA
Major: History

Admitted 2/5/19
FTF Local
Major: Pre-Business
4.02 GPA
1330 SAT

Admitted 2/6/19
In State, Not Local
Major: Undelcared
GPA: 4.00
SAT: 1190

Admitted 2/6/19
In State Not Local
Animal Science

I’m a local transfer and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I hear the admissions go out in waves, but I am just nervous since I haven’t heard anything yet, good or bad. Just nervous since it’s my top school. Anyone know anything about how they send decisions?

I’m in state non local and I haven’t received anything, this is also my top school, so I’ve been extremely nervous this whole week

I got into CSU Bakersfield, but Fresno has not sent me anything, and I’m freaking out. A girl at my school got in, so I’m even more stressed out.

I just called they have until April 1st to get back to all applicants

I’m stressing out so much.
I hope they’re going alphabetically because I feel like I can’t wait anymore. :expressionless:

I applied to Fresno State


GPA: 3.55 Weighted 3.33 Unweighted
AP: Calculus AB (4), English Language and Composition (2)
SAT Subject Test: Math 1(800) Math 2(780)

Hello, did anyone here not get in Fresno State? did not receive admsissions ?

I am advocating for CSU to expand room capacity for students who meet requirments but get turned down due to capacity. I am working on a project with a non profit and we are looking to get in touch with a person who was turned down. We will provide a gift card for anyone willing to talk to us about it or if you refer someone you will also get a gift card. Thank you !