Friend from another school says he got in already...? Is that even possible?

A friend of mine from a different high school claims he got accepted into Dartmouth. I know he didn’t apply ED because that’s binding and he wants to go to Michigan. So how does a regular decision applicant get accepted before ED applicants have even heard back? Got a 29 on his ACT (so he claims, but I think he got higher), and he posted a picture on his snapchat of what looked like a Dartmouth acceptance letter. This was about a week ago, possibly a little more. There was a packet in the picture and everything, but I can’t remember if the letter had “congratulations” on it. Thoughts?

I have a friend who was a Questbridge finalist and they also got their acceptance letter about a week ago, but if not, it could be because of other scholarship programs he is participating in.

QB and some athletes have been notified if they’ve been accepted. But there’s always the distinct possibility the person is pranking you. Sadly, this is a regular occurrence.

But no non-athlete or non-Questbridge applicants have been told in advance of Dartmouth’s broad ED decision announcements.

Closing thread so as not to freak out the other apps,icants. @T26E4 has given the definitive answer.