Friend needs help, UCLA or Stanford?

<p>My friend is debating between UCLA and Stanford and she wants concrete reasons/pros and cons for both. could anyone help her out?</p>

<p>please consider that for her UCLA would cost 6k a year while stanford would be 20k</p>

<p>Ahh, Stanford is WAY better overall. How about that??</p>

<p>Stanford has the better overall reputation, but going to UCLA isn't like giving up platinum for coal. I have a friend at Stanford for med who went to UCLA undergrad who is unimpressed with the social scene. Now, that may not be enough for some of the ranking nuts around here, but it might matter to some.</p>

<p>Hope it helps, if only a little!</p>


<p>Shrek, what's her major? If it's one where UCLA is comparable or better, clearly one would argue that.</p>

<p>$80k debt is a lot, and is hard to recommend a student take that on. But, if $ was not a consdieration, than go with the grade inflation school, where everyone is above average (B). ie, Stanford.</p>

<p>Is it debt or can her parents afford it? If they can, Stanford is a far superior college experience. Also keep in mind when comparing costs that LA will probably take 5 years while Stanford will be 4.</p>

<p>It's pretty easy to graduate from UCLA in four years if you apply yourself...</p>

<p>"If they can, Stanford is a far superior college experience."</p>

<p>What makes you say this? Not only is this completely subjective, but the general consensus is that UCLA -- with its larger size and city setting -- affords its students the far superior college experience... whatever that is.</p>

<p>us listing pros and cons simply wouldnt convince her.</p>

<p>what is your friend majoring in? what does she want out of college? perhaps that can help us better answer your question. </p>

<p>there's someone on my floor who passed up stanford for ucla... with a regents scholarship though.</p>

<p>her parents can afford it, but they would be tapping into their savings. her parents would pay for it, but shes trying to be considerate and she just doesnt know if its worth the difference</p>

<p>she is currently undecided with her major but is leaning towards the science field</p>

<p>shrek2004, Stanford. Stanford Alumni is very helpful. My friend graduated from Stanford with a MS and the alumni bend over backward to help her to find a job when she does not have a job. I've never heard of such help any where? She also got a job because of the Stanford degree. If it does NOT break her parent's bank, especially if it only costs her $20K/year. Does she have aid?(I thought Stanford is like $45K/year). If I have to pay $45K I might choose UCLA but for $20K I would definitely choose Stanford, and I'm not sway easily by prestige.</p>

<p>i just asked her the major - premed</p>

<p>There's no such thing as a premed major. There's a premed intent, but not major. In that case though, I'd say maybe Stanford?</p>