Friendly advice for applicants: Don't insult the school you're applying to

<p>People, I don't mean to be a dick but this is the CORNELL board. No one here gives a s*** about your UPenn chances or how many "ivies" you're applying to or what you should tell your Harvard interviewer.</p>

<p>Most of the current students/alumni/parents who make an effort to offer advice and solutions don't care to hear non-Cornell related inquiries, particularly because these "questions" are so often backhandedly insulting to our school. Examples: "Yeah Cornell's my first choice but why is it so unprestigious?" and "Why are so many people so intersted in Cornell when it's like obviously the worst ivy?" </p>

1. Don't insult Cornell when you're on the Cornell board and the information you want is being provided by Cornellians
2. Make it Cornell-specific
3. Don't include the word "ivies" in your title. It just ****es everybody off because we know right off the bat that it most likely will be a prestige-whoring inquiry</p>

<p>Carry on.</p>

<p>also, you smell.</p>

<p>and, for the love of god, stop trying to get in through a secret hidden passage back door.</p>

<p>there is absolutely NO COLLEGE that is easier to get into.</p>

<p>choose your flavor- arts& science? engineering? hotel?- write a killer essay that demonstrates your passion in that area, and be done with it.</p>

<p>please bore the other ivies with questions like:
"okay, what i really want to do is engineering, but i hear it statistically has the lowest chance of admission. so should i just pretend to be interested in agriculture& life sciences just so i can get in and transfer across colleges?"</p>

<p>news flash: that bs doesn't work.</p>

<p>fellow cornellians- please carry on. i love this thread. best i've seen in a while.</p>