Friendly reminder to NOT be afriad of asking for FA appeals!

If you have the time and drive, no matter what school, I just want to remind EVERYONE to not be afraid to appeal for merit and need based FA. Each school has a different process of doing it so be sure to look it up or ask the office of financial aid. Usually it is best to prove (for merit aid) that you have continued to do things between the time you applied and the time your received your aid package and your acceptance, and for need based make sure you write about something that would keep you from being able to afford all 4 years of the college (or 2 years depending on the school).

Good luck high school class of 2021!

Merit aid appeals are rarely successful unless the college is trying to fill seats. Need based appeals may get you a couple thousand more unless there is a radical change in the family finances.

Schools that are falling short on their enrolment goals will be more generous.

Everyone deserves the biggest prize, and the squeakiest wheel will get the grease. Except it doesn’t really work that way. Ask, if you want, but don’t expect.

I wouldn’t say rarely. Depends on the school. I didn’t think I would get anything from doing it (Merit based) but I got a considerable amount which aloud me to attend my school. Its doesn’t hurt to try, the worse they can say is no :relaxed:

We have done both (two different kids in two different schools) and received $10k more in FA - which we denied because they had cut double that so student transferred - and $8k more in merit, which we happily accepted and allowed my S to attend his first choice school. It is possible, though TomSr is right that successes will likely be at schools that need to fill seats.

There are many schools that have taken a huge financial hit and will not have the money to give, there are students who have have deferred for a term or year and have decided not to attend because of the uncertainty involving live instruction. You can ask, but have a 4 year plan to pay for school, make sure that you have an affordable option.