Friendly Students at Dartmouth

<p>There's a nice article by a student in The Mirror, Dartmouth's weekly magazine, about those fleeting moments when you realize what a great place Dartmouth is. The last vignette is my favorite:</p>

<p>"Earlier this term, I was walking toward Webster and saw a tour stopped under the Rocky overhang. As the group anxiously listened, two students burst out of the building. Seemingly knowing what was coming, the guide paused, allowing the pair to deliver a hearty "Come to Dartmouth!" Faces lit up all over the tour group.</p>

<p>That's it. Warmth and welcome, freely given, with one condition: Come to our school so we can hang out with you. It's the DOC Trips ethos, too. Before orientation, before sarcastic detachment, before blacking out, there was unfashionable enthusiasm and the promise of college. A reminder, then, for the pained days of midterms: Overall, Dartmouth is a pretty good time."</p>

<p>Dartmouth just has a great energy. People are inclusive and its such an awesome community.</p>