friends and dating update + question

<p>hi all,</p>

<p>i've posted a few months ago about my troubles with trying to find a girlfriend and now i have a question / update. </p>

<p>I graduated from engineering and am in the same city as I did my undergrad so i still have some friends from my class, however, this is shrinking rapidly as people move away for jobs. I did manage to make a new group of friends which includes both males and females unlike my classmates. </p>

<p>I was talking to one of my new friends and realized she thinks i had no friends before meeting them which for the exception of a couple good friends from my class, is pretty much true. If the rest of girls in the group also view me as someone with no prior friends, how will this impact my chance with them?</p>

<p>As a general update, i've gone on a few dates, (just a few and far in between) but am very glad to have made new friends and feel my confidence rising slowly.</p>

<p>If going slow helps your confidence more effectively then do that,you don't have to rush into things..maybe do volunteer work that puts your engineering to good use...or get a part time job at a coffeshop or something..most people I know are friends with their cousins and they meet more people that way because they feel confortable.</p>

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<p>do you think its possible to make friends through volunteering? I've been to a few volunteer organizations and it seems that the turnover rate is very high so its hard to get to know people. </p>

<p>I'm hoping to meet girls and if i find a volunteer engineering position, i think it'll mostly be guys. Some volunteer groups are interested in me for my engineering skills but those positions are mostly doing internet research for them which doesn't help me meet people. </p>

<p>do you have any recommendations or activities or volunteer groups?</p>

<p>I'm not sure since I've never but one of my friends was some place(I forgot for what I think it had smething to do with health) could always try talking to strangers(hiting on\approaching girls)..go to parties(not like a bar\club but one that you and all your friends)? </p>

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<p>If the girls that you are now friends with perceive you as someone who had NO friends before meeting them, then it's pretty unlikely they will be into you</p>

<p>True ^^^</p>

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<p>thats not very good...and not true. I mean yes, i didn't have very many friends but thats because i just graduated and my friends were all from college and left for jobs. </p>

<p>What if i was new to the city and had no friends in the city? that would be ok right?</p>

<p>sometimes i think its an advantage to move after graduation than stay in the same city at your college cause in either case, your friends from school move away and you have to start over but if you move at least you have an excuse for not having many friends.</p>

<p>O that makes sense then it might be easier to make friends,just ask people to show you around or what places are good to go..some people might actually go with you..maybe ask your neighbors?</p>

<p>On Saturday I went to another city by myself to go to a store and I researched everything on how to get there how much it costed..I still ended up lost but it was okay b/c I asked people around and I made it there and back home...I was out of the house for 10 hours! I only expected 8 but it was worth it...I asked women&men to help me and they were friendly although I ended up at the library the security guard gave me the wrong directions and there weren't any ppl or cars around so good thing I walked back and figured out how to get to the bus stop...I was surprised a cute guy didn't ignore me when I asked for directions b\c back home that's what happened to me and usually I don't talk to cute guys but I was proud I got over my fear of talking to guys that are strangers.</p>

<p>If you've been in your city for more than 6 months and friendless start making connections asap..facebook could help but I wouldn't do it b\c I deleted mine and might make one but only for college so idk yet</p>

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