From Cali to Cameron?!

<p>I know another lame chance...but hey, give it a shot please. I am a junior, so I am going to apply ED this fall.
State- CA
School- Private, catholic
SAT- 2200
SAT 2- 760 World History
750 Math II
ACT- 34
GPA unweighted- 4.0
weighted- 4.8
Freshman year- Honors Alg 2, Geography, English, Biology, Religion (blaah), Span 1, Drama
Soph- Hnrs Pre Calc, AP World History, Hnrs Chem, Honors Brit Lit, Art 1, Religion, Hnrs Span 3
Junior- AP Calc AB, AP Spanish, AP Eng Lang, Hnrs Chem 2, AP Environ Science, Government, Religion
School Involvement- Interact Club (9,10,11) on the board this year, founder and president of JSA chapter, Varsity Soccer (9,10,11), varsity softball (10), Mock Trial team-lead defense attorney
Extra Curriculars- Volunteer at AIDS Support Network: work food bank and front desk (150+ hours), Volunteer at AIDS walk for life (9,10,11), Bill Coordinator- JSA Winter Congress Cabinet, Obama 2012 campaign, JSA Summer program at Georgetown (11), intern at local DA office (11).</p>

<p> far...??
I know i will need REALLY REALLY good essays and recs.
any suggestions?!

<p>somebody has to have some idea....</p>

<p>You will probably get in.</p>

<p>Are you good enough to be recruited at soccer?</p>

<p>ED will help, so if its your top choice definitely go that route. You look like a solid applicant though</p>

<p>Thanks for the compliment, I mean I'm not terrible, I'm pretty decent, but my High school team isn't that great, and no I don't think that I would be recruited for D1 soccer. But without that, do you think I have a decent shot?</p>

<p>Get your sat up to 2310 or above.</p>

<p>^Not necessary at all. Sure a higher SAT might help, but if you look at the accepted students in the FB group or on here, lots of us had SATs below 2310. SATs/ACTs really aren't everything, once you hit a threshold the extra points really dont matter too. My friends got into Harvard with 1800-2100s this year too.</p>