From commmunity college deciding between transfer W&M and OOS Private University

<p>Hello, I'm an 18 year old female from NOVA Community College, trying to decide between William & Mary, and other out of state universities including USC, Emory, & Cornell. When i grow up, my main career aspiration is to do something in marketing, especially in the entertainment industry, but ever since i was little people have told me i'm gonna be famous, and i love to act, do comedy, and would love to model. I'm obviously not at the point where i would leave college to go straight into the industry, but it's something i've always wanted to do, i don't feel like a normal 9-5 job is for me. That being said, I'm planning on going to W&M on guaranteed admissions agreement with a 3.6, and then applying to their business program. W&M is in-state, and has the best tuition and from what i hear a good business program for marketing, but i just feel like there isn't anything there for me, i really wanna love it but i don't know if i'll gain anything from there, but maybe im just being naive. So knowing i'm moving to California after college pretty much regardless, should i just go to W&M and then go to LA after im finished with college? I feel like another college would be more enjoyable, because i'm more interested in making connections, friends, and getting experience, such as taking acting classes on the side, and i would love being near such a big city and all it has to offer during college and having that typical "moving to california then making it big" stories, but obviously that's only a small chance. But at the same time, i'm really smart, i got a 4.0 in highschool but chose to go to CC to save money and transfer , so i can get any education i need. I'm just finding it hard to justify going to W&M, do they have any connections to the entertainment industry? I also can't afford any private schools at the same time. So what should i do? should i go to W&M and wait until im 22 to go to LA? Or should i find a way to go to a big city despite all the obstacles? Or does anyone know any good schools that would fit me. AND is it even possible to get into all these schools assuming ill have a 3.6+ either way</p>

<p>What are you doing about the performance issues while you are at NOVA? Have you taken advantage of what the NOVA theater department and community theater groups near you have to offer? Have you done any modeling at all in the greater DC area? I know several students across the Potomac from you at Montgomery College who have found occasional paying acting gigs and modeling gigs in our region. </p>

<p>I have not heard anything about performance arts at W&M, but I’ve heard good things about VCU. Would that be an option for you?</p>

<p>All that said, the people to ask about connections in the entertainment industry at W&M would be the various departments and the career center at W&M. Drop them an email or a quick phone call, and you should be able to find out what you need to know.</p>

<p>Since money is an issue for you, spend some time with the transfer coordinator at your branch of NOVA. That person may be able to help you find more options that your family can afford.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best!</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I havent really looked at VCU as my friend’s brother got shot there and lost movement in one of his arms so it really cares me, but ill look into it!</p>