From community college to UT Austin?

I’m a CC student majoring in biology/pre pharmacy and I’m interested in applying too UT Austin. But am defintely open to other pharmacy schools.Currently these are the grades I’ve made:

English 1:A
English 2:B
College Algebra:B
U.S. History:B
U.S. Gov.:B
Intro to Speech:A

I have yet to take my sciences. And I still have 2 more math classes to take.Through I did take gen chem 1 last semester, I WITHDREW. And will be taking it again this fall.So I’m wondering what y’ll Think so far. Just want some prospective, I know I still have to take my PCAT. I also volunteer at a hosptial pharmacy and am working on becoming a pharmacy tech and any advice would be great !

If you still have to take all of your science classes, and two math classes (Calc 1, statistics?), then it will take you another two years at least.

I would not take the PCAT until after you have taken bio and chem, so next summer at the earliest. You will need to self study organic chemistry most likely.

I was accepted into UT Austin (I chose a different school though) and they are definitely more selective than some people think. Considering your major, I think they’d really like to see more math and sciences courses especially the basic foundation ones.

smh i think you should do your major classes first and then worry about electives.
I mean major classes as biology, chemistry, math and physics.