From Dearborn to Ann Arbor

<p>I am curiuos about folks who got a degree (full or partial) in Dearborn, and then went or transferred to Ann Arbor and continued their education there.</p>

<p>Do you like your decision to transfer ? What are you getting in Ann Arbor that you problably wouldn't get at Dearborn ? Are you missing anything in AA that Dearborn could have offered ? </p>

<p>I stayed with Dearborn as it was closer (benefit), cheaper (benefit) and I knew the teachers (who cut me some slack + gave me some benefits), and Student's Activity Office (who knew me and that also was a beneficial relationship). However, most classes were boring, tedious and not challenging. Clubs and social life at Dearborn, whether you like it or not is disappointing.</p>

<p>Now your turn -- AA people, what did you gain what did you lose ?</p>