From RPI gradschool to industry

<p>From what I've heard RPI engineering is prestigeous and has strong collaborations with industry, therefore ensuring a high student employment rate upon graduation. Therefore for a prospective grad student with plans for working in the industry, RPI is a pretty good choice, right?</p>

<p>But then let's compare it to another school, say U of Toronto. regarding overall and engineering world rankings, U of T is a couple of levels higher. I would have thought that choosing U of T would be a no brainer, but it seems that a majority of my friends(US citizens) would still choose RPI. Reasons are that US has a bigger job market for tech jobs, and the pay is somewhat higher (and the tax is lower). </p>

<p>So I'm faced with a dilemma here: the good school in the US vs the better school in Canada. In regards of working in the industry after graduation, which is the better school? Keep in mind I'm international.</p>

<p>For graduate school, you need to dig more deeply into the major and area of research, especially if a dissertation is involved. There the jobs depend more on the professors and their research and reputations.</p>