From the Dean's Desk

<p>If you have not read this - some insight into this year's numbers and process:</p>

In just over four hours here on the East Coast we will release our Early Action admissions decisions. Like many of my colleagues across the country, I’m here to report a significant application increase this year over last. In fact, just a year ago, I was writing about 5400 Early Action applications. *This year, the pool increased to 6330! * </p>

<p>Ultimately, I’m not sure I can explain the huge increase in our pool. After all, we are not on the Common App which would make it that much easier to submit an application. I do know that many people have commented to me this year (and last) that Elon is a school many people are talking about all over the country. That’s very exciting and I’m convinced that most of that has to do with our students. Simply put, they are amazing. And they love it here!</p>

<p>You may recall that we admitted approximately 50% of the EA pool last year. That is the case again this year. Of course, there were more applications so that meant we had to be more selective. The average core recalcuated GPA for the admitted pool is 4.22 and the SAT average is 1965. The ACT average is 29.
Of course, the academic profile drives all admissions decisions. If you have ever been part of one of my campus information sessions, you have heard me say that many outstanding students with these profiles apply. So how do we identify candidates for admission among more qualified applicants than we can admit? We look to the **Student
Index. This is a composite of an applicant’s activities, leadership and service as well as the strength of the application essay. My colleagues in the department and I agree that essays this year seemed stronger than last. This may be a function of a new essay prompt or it could be a result of the new Elon Engagement Scholarship which is based on the essay itself!


<p>Bolding is mine.</p>