From Vanderbilt to a Women's College

<p>Hey all -</p>

<p>For the past year I have been attending Vanderbilt University. My grades and ECs in high school were great, and my family is paying my -entire- way through here. My dad is quite willing to do this for me, however, I feel extremely guilty. I know that I could go to a state school for much cheaper. However, my family can seriously afford this bill (which is...I can't comprehend).</p>

<p>This year I have been realizing that Vanderbilt's atmosphere is just not for me. I identify as a gay person, but the culture here is so southern that I always feel so out of place. It has really stressed me out emotionally and I'm not having the experience I was looking for. I'm pretty shy, so I like the smaller environment here. But otherwise, the culture isn't for me.</p>

<p>If I switch to another private school - preferably a women's college - it is really doubtful I will get any financial aid. I'm looking at Smith College, for example.</p>

<p>Can anyone give me advice? Should I really make my parents shell out this much money just to get a nice experience? Or should I take this opportunity to save some money and...go to a town with a high gay population with a state school and not complain? I feel so spoiled.</p>

<p>What are you planning to do with your life? Are you planning to work right after school or go to graduate school? What is your major? If you are stellar academically and want to go to a top-tier grad/law/med school, good grades at a women’s college like MHC, Smith, or Wellesley will take you far…not just because they’re so well respected in academia, but because you will truly receive a world-class education that is not comparable to a state school. Of course, you could make it work at a state school, too…that’s all about your determination and perhaps being involved with an honors program as well.</p>