Frost- Music Business

<p>Has anyone heard back from UM and Frost about acceptances to the Music Business program yet?</p>

<p>AH! No but I applied for vocal performance...I'm peeing my pants waiting I'm going nutz lol. How about yourself/ WE supposedly hear back mar. 15th.</p>

<p>I haven't heard back yet either- it's so stressful!</p>

<p>ahh lol!! I feel your pain--where are ya from? I'm Pittsburgh. Oh--wat other schools did u app to?</p>

<p>I'm from Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I applied to Clemson in SC on a whim because they were promising to throw lots of money at me, but I really have no aspirations whatsoever to go there. Besides Miami, I only applied to USC and their music industry program- that's my first choice but it is REALLY competitive. What about you?</p>

<p>Oh nice!! USC I heard is beautiful and has a wonderfullllll music program (As does miami :D).
I applied there, loyola in new orleans (just got in today!), and OTterbein. I hope SO MUCH to go to miami like you wouldn't believe!</p>

<p>Oh...and I'm from...Pittsburgh (ugh)</p>

<p>as much as i LOVED miami's campus, i'm favoring USC's music business program because it's a BS, instead of a BM. although i love singing and musical theatre is definitely a strong passion of mine, i know my future is not in performing. i can't deal with a lifetime of rejection! so i see no point in spending SO much time devoted to improving my voice when i can get the same degree and possible better networking connections at USC. miami's program seems so demanding- weekly voice lessons, piano, theory, and 2 ensembles as well as real classes? it's going to be very hard for me to manage that, as well as a sorority and at least intramural if not club volleyball. but everything will depend on where i get in and if i get money! best of luck to you with miami and the other schools! i talked to an admissions counselor today and she said they mailed some last week- don't know if that means all acceptances, rejections, or what, but maybe we'll know soon! write back when you hear from frost- i'm curious!</p>

<p>Hi, was that admissions counselor from Frost or from the general admissions office of the University?

<p>regular admissions- so no help there if you're a frost applicant!</p>

<p>Ha yeah I will tell you if I get in! Kinda nervous too. BEST OF LUCK to you! Those are two v. competitive schools you're applying to haha. I mean, I guess that it might not seem relevant if you are in ensembles and such at Frost if you're business and music, but it'll help improve your perspective (at least in my opinion but it's all on personal taste) and make you more musically rounded. BUT I understand if you don't ilke! lol.</p>

<p>jeremybeach- just got into usc's program, so i'm probably going there! however, if miami gives me a bunch of money it's possible i'll have to think a bit harder. besides a near full scholarship though, i think usc is the place for me! hope you hear soon!</p>

<p>Woah!!!! Congrats southernbelle usc is a bitc*in hard school to get into these days especially thornton!! WOO. I'm so frustrated with Frost haha. They're taking forever. Or maybe my patience is just non-existent this time around lol.</p>

<p>DId you get into the university yet? (not frost cuz nobody knows lol)</p>

<p>nope i haven't heard anything yet. honestly, it'd be pretty ridiculous if i didn't get in just because i could be in the honors program if i wanted, so i'm pretty sure i will. we'll see though!</p>

<p>got a letter from frost today- it was small so i assumed it was a rejection- but alas, it was an acceptance! however, apparently i've been "recommended by the faculty" for entering as a music business and entertainment industries major but haven't ACTUALLY been accepted to the university itself yet. it said my file is being reviewed by the admissions committee and i will hear in the next two weeks. i'm positive i'll get in academically, so i'm not worried in the least. but scholarship consideration (music, music/academic, or just academic) from frost won't start until after that, so basically it could be up to 4 weeks or so until i get the see the whole deal! scholarship is what will be the deciding factor because usc and miami. if i get half or more, i think my parents are going to make me go to miami (not that it'd be so bad!) which is understandable. have you heard?</p>

<p>CONGRATS SOUTHERNBELLE!!!!!!!! For one, you got into USC. Wonderful accomplishment. For two, you got into Frost!!!! Put that on your cake and eat it! (frosting...ok bad joke.)</p>

<p>Anyways, I actually called the admissions office for Frost today...and they haven't even evaluated me. They don't even have a decision down!! Can youb elieve it!!!! They said I will have to wait until April to find out. SO, Im' just gonna freakin sit here like a bum and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait. Although, they said they will have a decisino in a week they won't mail it out . They said they MAY reveal on the phone in a week if i got in or not. I think I should call. Ha</p>

<p>And as for your parents forcing you to go to Miami, I mean, you're lucky :). You have two great schools, wonderful curricula, great climates! Nada to worry about. I got into Loyola in new orleans so I'm in a similar situatino :)</p>

<p>well i hope they tell you on the phone- you should definitely call! i agree about the schools- not the most unpleasant dilemma i've ever found myself by a long shot! post on here when you hear from them!</p>

<p>Just an update: STILLLLLL WAITINGUH. Lol. It's going to come soonm, I know that...just a matter of when and which decision. Oy vey! Did UM give you some $$??</p>

<p>Well I auditioned for vocal performance on the 15th of February....and they've completed my file....Called yesterday and the woman who answered began to laugh after I asked if I could have my decision pleaaaaassee.....They were pretty nice and said they understand my anxiety....but I should hear within the week......Waiting...Waiting.......At least I'm getting one decision for sure today.....GWU</p>

<p>Good luck!! Frost sent my letter 3 days ago so I should be getting it tomorrow <em>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH</em>.</p>