Frustrated by college transcript situation

<p>This summer and last semester, I took five semesters worth of college classes. While they not be much, I feel like anything can help in trying to make up my admission look better and I don't see the reason why they shouldn't be counted the same way my regular high school classes are. So in order to show colleges, what I've done, over winter break, I went to each school and requested transcripts for each college I applied to.</p>

<p>Problem is, I went to three schools over that time. One of them doesn't even have an online transcript ordering system. So after spending maybe $100 on ordering trascripts alone, I am starting to discover that that there is a very spotty record on the amount of transcripts the colleges have recieved. Some colleges are nice enough to have a good portal system that list all documents they have, while others only list essential documents, meaning I have to call them to see what documents they have (and oftentimes the people answering the phone don't know). Others I can't seem to decipher at all.</p>

<p>Now I'm not sure what to do. They're not that big of a deal, but I feel like anything done to increase my GPA would help. I guess I have no choice but to order them once more.</p>

<li><p>Call the registrar of the colleges where you took classes and ask them to confirm whether or not they sent out official transcripts to the addresses you supplied them.</p></li>
<li><p>Email the admission's office at the colleges where you applied and ask them to confirm whether or not they received your official transcript from college X, college Y, and college Z.</p></li>

<p>It's not difficult.</p>

This summer and last semester, I took five semesters worth of college classes.


<p>Huh? That would be 60 or more credits...</p>

<p>When my D transferred, she applied to 6 schools and had taken classes at two different colleges. I think one school she was applying to had trouble with receiving a transcript, but they said thye would an unofficial transcript transcript for admission purposes, but wanted official prior to analyzing her credits. I dont know where the problem was.</p>

Huh? That would be 60 or more credits...


<p>Sorry, that was phrased wrong. I was trying to say that I took five classes worth a semester each. So it's only about 15 credits.</p>

<p>It's a non-deterministic process especially if paper is involved. The well known flagship Louisiana state university that shall remain nameless kept sending DD1 "we have not received your transcripts" postcards, 3 or 4 of them. We kept replying with more Docufide transcript requests. </p>

<p>After the 4th postcard DD1 finally called them. "we do not accept Docufide, has to be paper".</p>


<p>I am amazed anyone's application gets processed, in general. The school should be able to issue the student unlimited signed PDF's of transcripts that can't be hacked, likewise the College Board, TOEFL, and the like, and the student would then submit everything...</p>

<p>If you have paid for the transcripts and have proof (online payment, check) then do not pay for them again! Call the colleges' registrar offices and see why your transcripts weren't sent - after confirming with the colleges you are applying to whether they were received. I've had this problem with one college that used a 3rd party company to order and send transcripts, and although I paid for several to be sent, none of them were received by the schools I applied to (even 1+ month later). I called the company and told them they were paid for, I had proof of payment, and the programs I applied to never received them. They simple "resent" them (even though I'm sure they either never sent them the first time, or messed up on the name/addresses).</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice! For two of the schools, they have electronic processing systems, so I doubt people at the registrar's would know if something had been sent any more than what the computer says. In fact, one of the transcript systems is completely independent from the school.</p>

<p>Tomorrow, I think I'm going to finish up my emails to college admissions asking what transcripts they received, and I guess if they haven't responded me by a week or so, I will have to call the colleges.</p>

<p>Sometimes the issue is on the sending institution's end; sometimes on the receiving institution.</p>

<p>Our HS has to send transcripts multiple times to our state flagship, because they seem incapable of matching them up to applicants' files.</p>

<p>As a receiving institution, we have issues when applicants apply under one name, and send transcripts with a prior name, especially if they failed to note possible alternate names on their application. Or when they enter their SSN incorrectly, or transpose their birthdate, or go by their middle name or a nickname.</p>

<p>I think it might be the mail's fault. Whatever the case, I feel like I'm going to have to reorder a lot of transcripts.</p>