Frustrated deferral.

<p>I am just frustrated over my status because all it said was "access the strength of this year's applicant pool". Most of the posts I've read tell them semester grades or test scores. Has anyone been accepted yet with the same status?</p>

Transfer student who will have 30 credits by Fall 2012
High School GPA: 3.3 UW
SAT: 1170/1690
Held a part time job and kept my grades up.
As of now,
College GPA of 4.0.
Led a lot of study groups and is getting recommendation letters from two of the teachers where I had one of the highest grades in the class.
I applied last year for summer and was rejected (my GPA was less than stellar when I applied) so I'm really hoping I'm not rejected again.</p>

<p>i got deferred for SUMMER with almost the same exact stats. had a job, community service, and tons of ECs.</p>

<p>We've chatted before. It's so frustrating for me only because they didn't even tell me what to improve on. I have read up so much on this that I am driving myself crazy. I can't tell if I have a good chance or not of being accepted. It's such a terrible feeling. I'm freaking out almost because I was rejected last year from high school (I'm a freshman in college now DYING to transfer). I am so ready to move on!</p>

<p>call them and ask! send any new info you can</p>

<p>I emailed a lady and she just said to submit some letters or a personal statement. I'm working on both now actually. UF gives their admissions on Feb. 10th. That day could not come sooner.</p>

<p>i know i am so anxious to find out the outcome of my application but also very nervous</p>

<p>Only a few more days!</p>