Frustration with BigStateU scholarship process

My DS is applying to a Big State University, and wants to apply to the Honors College and apply for the Stamps Scholarship. The early action school app was due Nov. 1st, and the scholarship app was due Nov 6th (now updated on the site to Nov 8th.) The thing is, applicants do not have access to the scholarship application portal until after their college app is received and the student receives an email invitation to create a log in for the portal (which already felt problematic to me, but their school, they make the rules…)
DS submitted the app on 10/30, and on 11/2 he received a letter in the mail to create a log in. Never did receive an email. He went to create a log in so he could work on the scholarship application yesterday, and was not able to log in successfully. Called IT, who transferred him to the Financial Aid office, where he explained his situation - wanted to apply for scholarship, never received the email, unsuccessful log in using the info that came in the post. Fin aid person checked my son’s credentials using his SS number and was able to confirm that the college application was received in time. Fin aid person said he would send a new email with a link to access the scholarship portal by the end of the day (Friday.)
You know where this is going - DS did not receive the email, and now it is the weekend, so cannot call the office back to follow up. So now he will have to call on Monday, and stress out over having only two days to complete what could be a life changing scholarship application that he has no idea what will be required to complete…

end rant

Did he check his spam folders?

Yes he checked junk folder and all his other folders. I even had him log in to his application to make sure they have the correct email, but of course they did, because he applied via common app and received confirmation from another EA college that the app was received.

If you tell us the name of the school (and maybe have this post shifted to that forum), someone who has the scholarship app questions might be willing to share them.

The school is University of Oregon. I didn’t realize there are school-specific forums. I’m still pretty new here, and the forums I’ve explored are pretty limited.

You found the U of Oregon forum; great! Hopefully someone will see your request soon so he can get started on the scholarship app.