FSU 2025 OOS Admissions Chances

So both of my parents went to FSU, and I fell in love when I visited it. We get decisions on the 18th and I don’t exactly have a backup plan, so kind of freaking out. I go to a college prep school in Scottsdale, AZ. I have a 3.7/4.5 W GPA, 29 ACT, founded/president of a club that puts on events for children with life threatening illness, president of a committee that is very similar, 3 years of deans list, 1 year of principals list, 2 years of school volleyball, 6 years of club (2 years captain), registered volunteer with HopeKids, dog pound leader (like spirit people, plan hoco, pep rallies etc), 120+ service hours by the time i graduate, 2 jobs, and a service trip with an organization similar to habitat for humanity. Thoughts? Need brutal honesty

I have a 3.7 W GPA that is out of 4.5. It looks confusing when I reread it

So you only applied to one school that is a reach for you?

I applied to a few and have been accepted to others, but none I like as much as FSU.

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@beckfast What is your unweighted gpa and what is your class rank?

For me, I would avoid going OOS. The tuition is triple the cost as in-state. Right now uncertainty is the new normal. If you can afford it now, that might not be true in 4 years, if there’s a layoff, business failure, etc. This way, if the worst happens, you can finish your degree with student loans if you needed.

3.4 and my school doesn’t rank

I am curious, did you hear back?