FSU Chances 2025

Hi! I am currently a junior at a North Carolina high school. I have been looking into Florida State’s Computer Science program but I don’t know what my chances are of getting in out of state. If I did get accepted I would really like to do the First Year Abroad program in London to get in-state tuition for the next 3 years.

GPA: 4.25 W/ 3.79 UW
Mostly honors and AP classes throughout hs
SAT: 1130 (I know that this is bad. I took it to see where I was at and then corona hit so I haven’t had the opportunity to retake it. My goal when I retake it is at least a 1270.)
ECs: Theatre all 4 years of hs now in advanced, Girl Scout for 11 years, Summer Camp Counselor, Music Lessons, NC Governor’s Page, President of Environmental Science club (club had been inactive for a couple years but i worked with a teacher to bring it back), Model UN (2 years), NHS and Beta club member.
Classes I’m planning on taking senior year are: Theatre (H), AP Calc AB, AP Comp Sci Principles, AP English Lit, AP Euro, AP GoPo, and Civics (H)

I’m applying to a bunch of in-state schools too but the ones in NC that I actually want to go to are crazy competitive for Comp Sci since they are in the COE.

I don’t see any reason they would deny you. The SAT score is a little low, but you are retaking it and your other stats and extracurriculars make up for it. Good luck!

I would suggest taking the ACT or SAT several times because FSU uses a “superscore” for admissions (meaning they look at the best scores on each section and then combine them). My daughter took the ACT 3 or 4 times after we found this out and she concentrated on certain areas (math for one). Admissions actually told us about it when we visited in her senior year. He said he score of 25 was pretty good but he would like to see her math higher (her weakest subject and she had something like an 18 on it). i said my concern was taking it again and making a lower overall score and that’s when he said they superscore and he wanted to see the math come up. With a superscore she ended up with a 28 using the combined scores and got in no problem. She is now a sophmore at FSU.

Very best of luck to you!