FSU class of 2025 admission and decision discussion

Starting a thread for FSU class of 2025. Please post your experience with the admission process, any questions, and admission decision.


Came across this article stating FSU applications are down 32%. UF reports higher freshman applications after grim projections
Perhaps that helps the chances for this year’s applicants.

That Gainesville Sun article cites an Orlando Sentinel article from October for those FSU numbers. It probably doesn’t reflect what they actually got by the time the deadline passed.

@UTSquared - that makes sense; thanks.

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Anyone else wish decisions didn’t come out so late. Mine is ready to be done and commit but we are waiting till Feb doe FSU


@cgemaj same here. My D has some really good options in the table from early action schools, and I fear the wait for the remaining schools, including FSU, will make them less and less attractive with each passing day.

I can only speak for my own but senior year sucks and everything has been taken away. Committing to college makes them have something to look forward to.


The wait is very tough especially with the excitement of already having other decisions.
FSU is a top choice for my son so we will be anxiously waiting. My older son is a freshman at FSU and had a great first semester, other than no in person classes in the Fall and now none in the Spring. We will evaluate all options to see which colleges are offering more in person classes as to where he he choses to attend next year. He can’t take another year of remote. I also really hope FSU begins to offer more in person. It is confusing as to why they are not, when most public schools in Florida are required to be teaching in person. We are out of state.

Is FSU the university with the latest response date? Honestly, I know of no other schools that are later than Feb 18 with zero acceptances before that point.

UCONN comes out in March!!

@SamBone UF says Feb 26.

Yikes! It just seems so late. Especially March. I would think they would lose a lot of great students they would’ve normally gained. By March, many of the same students that will be admitted to UCONN will have already been accepted to some great universities. Once accepted, most start chatting with others in forums and fb groups, start delving more into picturing themselves at the college, etc., and the prospect of a late acceptance looses its luster. Unless of course it is one’s dream school and the final decider.

It just seems like instead of acceptance season going from pretty much September to May, it could at least be condensed into say a 4-month period…November-February. It just seems so drawn out on both sides of the process (for the applicants and the schools).


Agree!! Mine has been accepted into some great schools and with merit. She’s been chatting with some online and seems to have made her decision. Still waiting on FSU and Clemson but I think she is so over the process at this point.


If I am reading correctly, it looks like decisions for FSU were in January last year, but then students interested in honors had to apply to honors after accepted. This year, it appears that acceptances/honors decisions and Presidential Scholarship invitations will all come out on 02/18?

That’s interesting about January. I wish they would release early, even if Honors waits until 2/18. I wonder why they felt they needed another month this year. The decision date was set long ago.

You were required to apply to the honors program by December 6th. It does appear all decisions and scholarship invitations will come on 2/18. They pushed back the notification date to give students more time to take the ACT/SAT.

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Hi new here to this thread. Sounds like everyone is waiting until the 18th. My daughter has unweighted gpa of 4.0 And 33 superscore act. We are out of state and hoping for OOS waiver. Unable to visit the school- does anyone have great things to share about the campus. She would be in environmental studies / sustainability. Not her top choice but it sounds like a great optio. To me.

She sounds like a great candidate for the out of state waiver. We are also out of state. I currently have a freshman at FSU and another son who is a senior and also applied. Of all the campuses we have visited and all the tours we had last year, FSU was our favorite. The campus is beautiful, the people are warm, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The campus is very easy to navigate and the surrounding area is full of restaurants and many other places to grab essentials. My son does not have. car on campus and has been fine. He is very happy this year even with all of the covid restrictions.


This is great to hear. It looks beautiful- we are from west coast so it would be a big trip to get out there with covid. Can you elaborate on the party vs academic balance. I know they are know to be a party school but the academics seem high- is it a work hard play hard philosophy?


We are from the Northeast. It is definitely a party school but my son has found a good balance and as has had no problem excelling academically, even with his classes being online bc of Covid. We are hoping for an even better experience next year with in person classes. Right now my son can go to packed clubs every weekend but not attend in person classes which is very frustrating.

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