FSU Fall 2021 Transfer

Does anybody know how long it takes for FSU to give a decision for transfers?

took me a week for them to tell me to send my math grade after the semester but thats it. I might transfer but nervous I wont meet people, r u transferring to fsu if you get in?

I had all my materials received on march 3rd and nothing yet. I’m not 100% yet decided, but FSU is one of my top choices. I go into Tulane and waiting for NC State. It’s gonna come down to cost.

Tulane and NC are great schools! i would give it until the end of next week then email them but im sure it will come out soon. I am waiting to hear from villanova but im pretty sure its gonna cost too much so its really just fsu for me. I have amazing friends where I am rn but the location and the fact that its a suitcase school annoys be since no one is ever there, along with the small campus. Thats why I am torn about transferring but I hope I get into fsu so i can visit and really see, also really nervous about making new friends! ahh

yeah FSU is a good price compared to other schools. I’m nervous too about making new friends.

do you have any social media? Just if you wanna talk a little more or what not haha

my instagram is logan_nardelli_


How long did it take? I submitted everything almost two weeks ago.

1 week for them to tell me to send my math grade in at the end of the semester