FSU Fall 2021 Transfer

i didint see a topic for this but I might transfer to fsu for fall 2021. I am a freshman right now and would be a sophomore if i transfer, I would major in Cyber Criminology, just wanted to see if i could potentially meet people who are also transferring since my big thing is that im scared i wont be able to meet people thats why im not sure yet.

Hi! Did you alreay get in?

They said they looked at my application already and want to make sure I get at least a C in my math course right now. So i am submitting that may 10th and they said they will quickly tell me.

Did they call you

no. email

im also from nj btw haha

ohh ok. I am from jersey, i moved to Florida last summer so I hope being instate helps

nice! r u transferring in the fall for sure?

Ideally I would like to, I am at umiami now which is great but I do want more of a state school vibe and its just SO expensive. Where ru now

duquesne in pittsburgh. r u a freshman now?

got it. yes i am a freshman. hoping to hear back soon

My daughter may be transferring into FSU for the fall from Virginia Tech. She is a criminology major, would be a Sophomore as well. Also waiting on her math course grade. She was admitted two years ago, but wanted to take a gap year, and FSU wouldn’t grant it. She’s enjoyed VT but has wanted to be at FSU. What are your housing plans?

not sure yet! ive met a few people but nothing set since im not sure if i am 100% going or not. Does she have any social media I can add her on?

Hi! I just got into FSU for the fall, and my acceptance letter says this: University Conditions of Admission: 1) Satisfy the required academic milestones (courses and/or GPA) for your intended major. 2) Successful performance on all attempted coursework at your current institution(s). An official transcript(s) must be received in the Office of Admissions after your final term and before you enroll. Refer to the Application Status Check to confirm receipt of this required document. Your admission is subject to cancellation if you do not meet these conditions.

What does this mean lol

Her instagram is cate.house09 and snapchat is catehouse0141. She just insisted that I don’t follow her haha. Hopefully you all can connect. She’s heading down there around May 8 to self tour again.