FSU Housing Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

Anybody get their on campus housing contract #'s yet?

Mine is 2549

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did you submit today or 2/34-25?

1311 is that good?

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My D got #1676, she was in the 2/24-45 lottery. Will be interesting to see what #'s people got from this morning’s submissions.

they said they get 8-9k submissions by May 1, so 1311 sounds good and remember some with a lower # than you won’t enroll, so by May 1 you will probably be closer to the front of the line than you are now


How many students typically live on campus freshman year?

did you apply for the lottery on 2/24-25 or today?


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On their housing page it says “University Housing’s 18 residence halls provide housing for 6,712 undergraduate students on the main FSU campus.” Doesn’t split out between freshman & returning students though. Sounds like a significant amount of returning students move off campus by junior year.

We got #32 somehow. I guess my son will get a single in a girls’ dorm with a number like that!

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I’m feeling sad…:cry:

On their housing recorded session they implied don’t worry unless you have a # over 8,000. A lot of people with #'s lower than yours will enroll elsewhere and you’ll move up.

827 for my son. Hopefully that is good enough for Azalea or Magnolia if he winds up at FSU.

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My son got 129 so I guess he’s in good shape :grinning:

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My daughter got 903

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He should go buy a Powerball ticket! :rofl:Congrats

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On the LLC site it says applications are closed. Does that mean it is full? Is there zero chance of getting into health professions LLC?