FSU Law ranks in Top 50 schools, earns # 1 Moot Court rating

<p>Very nice accomplishment for FSU Law.</p>

Nat Stern, a constitutional law expert and 30-year member of the law school faculty, credits Weidner for elevating the status of FSU's College of Law. "Much of the hard work has been on his part," Stern said.</p>

<p>Stern, a Harvard law graduate, notes that the level of the faculty — their credentials, where and how often they are published and cited — has risen dramatically during the past three decades. The modest professor doubts if he would have been eligible to join FSU based on today's standards.</p>

<p>Stern, with more institutional memory than almost anyone affiliated with the law school, is reluctant to make too much over this year's ranking by U.S. News & World Report.</p>

<p>"In the last few years, there's been a kind of psychological breakthrough in the perception of the school, but the substantive improvement has been occurring for a long period of time," Stern said. "There's been a collective faculty determination to raise the law school to the next level."


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