FSU Pathways Admission Experiences


Those of you offered FSU Pathways, could you post your admission stats?

My daughter has a core 4.0 GPA UW/4.5 Weighted, a couple of APs, lots of honors, and has already earned her National Early Childhood Education Teaching Certificate through her school’s career certification program. Her big issue is her test scores She had a tutor over the summer, has taken her SAT three times and her best score was a 1080. She does well on the English, not so well on the Math.

Her dream is FSU, and she would be perfectly content attending Summer, Spring, Panama City, or even TCC if it was just one or two semesters. She’s really hesitant to do two years at TCC though.

Does she have any chance at at least FSU Pathways?

If not FSU do you think she would have a chance at any of the other larger state schools like USF or UCF?

I think she is what they are looking for in the program
Straight A student with Rigor. Good EC’s but lacking in one area “Test Scores”
With todays Test optional trend even before Covid many AO rather see what you did over 4 years vs one Saturday morning.
The Florida Legislature does not allow any Public schools to go test optional.

Pathways allows FSU to offer admission to students like your D where one area of their application doesn’t meet their “profile for admitted students”

She would be a good candidate for Pathways

@kevi2900 Thank you so much for your response. I hope you are right. She would be thrilled to be offered one of the pathways. We will apply and pray for the best. I really appreciate your feedback.

It is absolutely worth just going to TCC and then transferring to FSU. All you’re doing the first two years at university will be taking prerequisites; you can do that for half the price at TCC. I was a community college transfer and still had the college experience during my final two years at FSU. I was also roomed with two other transfer’s and honestly it was very common and met plenty of other community college transfers. I don’t regret it one bit. Saved a whole lot of money and stress. Even if she doesn’t get the pathway option she can still attend TCC, excel and transfer to FSU. It is incredibly rare for FSU to not accept a CC transfer.


Is Pathways admission offered to OOS applicants or just in-state?

If she applies to the tier that includes USF/UCF/FIU/FAU she will definitely get in to at least 2…if not all 4. The 25% percentile for the SAT for FSU’s last freshman class was a 1250. FSU might be a stretch.

Yes OOS can be offered the Seminole Pathway option

My son did two years at TCC by choice and just transferred as a Junior. He says it’s the best decision he has ever made. If you’d like, there is even a private dorm that has plenty of TCC students (and FSU students as well)

I concur. I was a TCC to FSU transfer. Saved a ton of money and got in after one semester…same grades

I was under the impresssion that if you joined the TCC2FSU program at TCC, that you have to stay two years. This isn’t the case?

If you are accepted under pathways you only need to do one semester( Fall ) at another college IE. TCC or local community college then you start in Tallahassee in January


My son could get one of six initial responses to his request for Fall 2022 admission:

1. Full admit
2. Defer – provide updated scores/grades and receive decision in early April
3. Seminole Pathways – international start for one semester up to one year. One can’t choose this up front but may choose it if offered or a full admit.
4. Spring Transfer Pathway – must take 15 hours, including English comp and math, and make 3.0. Preferably from Tallahassee CC. Is this option primarily, or solely, given to in state students?
5. Waitlist – response by mid-May, if not offered a fall spot, a spring transfer option will be offered.
6. Deny

I’m a little curious about your list. I believe that on Feb 17, the ONLY decisions they’ll be offered are:

  1. Admitted to selected term (summer or fall)
  2. Deferred (will hear more in April)
  3. Denied

If Deferred, in April they may get:

  1. Admitted to selected term
  2. Admitted to Pathways
  3. Admitted for spring transfer
  4. Waitlisted
  5. Denied

If Waitlisted, and not offered a spot in the selected term, I don’t believe that a spring transfer is a sure thing.

Last year Pathways was offered on the February decision date if application in by November 1st

Yes. But FSU Admissions has stated that things will be different this year. My understanding is that Pathways will be offered in April.

This was posted online by an admissions counselor.

• If an applicant applies for Summer, what are the decision possibilities in Feb? Can they be deferred as well?
These will look just like Fall. So if a student applied for Summer, they will receive an admit, deferral or deny for Summer specifically.

• Can a Fall applicant be offered Spring and/or Pathways? When?
Yes. If a Fall student is deferred in Feb., they could then receive a Spring and/or Pathways offer in April.

• Can a Summer applicant be offered Spring and/or Pathways? When?
Yes. If a Summer student is deferred in Feb., they could then receive a Spring and/or Pathways offer in April.

And this was sent to high school admissions counselors from the FSU Admissions director in late November:

Important Changes effective Summer and Fall 2022:

Students will initially only be considered for the term they have listed on their application, summer or fall terms. Historically, we used to automatically consider students who did not meet our fall accepted student profile for the summer term. The yield for the summer offers fluctuated widely from year to year and largely contributed to the difficulties of predicting the size of our first-year class. As a result, we will no longer automatically consider fall applicants for the summer term.

We are adding a deferral decision.

For the students who applied for the November 1st priority application deadline, we are dropping the summer offer and adding a deferral decision to the decisions released on February 17th. The three possible decisions are now:

For the students who applied for the March 1st Regular application deadline AND those that were deferred from the November 1st priority application group, we will release decisions in early April. A waitlist option has been added to this group of decisions, so the five possible decisions are now:
Seminole Pathways
Spring Transfer Pathway

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You are correct just checked they pushed Pathways back to April now