FSU: ROTC Program

<p>I was just recently accepted into Florida State: Summer Term, and I was interested in receiving more information about their ROTC program. What are the benefits and outlooks for the program, etc.?</p>

<p>You really need to contact the commander of the ROTC unit at Florida State to get a better idea of the program there. Each school has a different way in which the ROTC program is conducted. At some schools, you have morning drills every day at 6 AM, and then class once a week and then weekend drills once a month. Other schools do not have the morning drills. The biggest issue, however, is the changes that our military has been going through the past say 10 years. Recently, there is less financial benefits and job security-- even if you get commissioned as an officer. If you are considering ROTC for financial reasons, I strongly ask that you reconsider this. If you are looking at a military career because you think you love this type of life, then go for it! It is getting late for you to start applying for scholarships now–but you can still enroll in ROTC without the scholarship and then apply for a three year scholarship after your Freshman year. There is a webpage for the FSU ROTC program. It will give you a little more information, but consider visiting the program or talking with one of the officers there to get a better idea. Good luck!!</p>