FSU Transfer Admissions

Hi everyone!

I just applied to FSU as a junior transfer and am wondering if anyone has an estimate as to how long it will take to receive a decision. The deadline is June 1 and I just finished my application today. I got into FSU when I applied for freshman admission (I’m class of ‘24, so got in ‘20), not that it’s a guarantee I’ll get in again. I go to the University of Miami and have a 3.7 college gpa, got a 29 composite ACT score, and had a 4.0 in high school. Any advice on my odds or an estimate on when I should be hearing back would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I submitted three months ago and still haven’t heard back :confused: they say 4-6 weeks tho! I would also say you have a very good chance at getting in!

What college are you applying to? It looks like each college has different deadlines.

Our son also applied to transfer into FSU, in late Feb, and still waiting. I think you have strong stats for FSU so would expect you’d get in. Good luck!