<p>I'm in the senior class of 2011, and I plan to apply to Florida State University, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and University of South Florida. If you've been accepted and could give me some hints or tips on how I could get in, such as your essay,ref. letters, and resumes etc....that would be great!Also if you want, I'd love to hear you boasting about the school you go to, but only of course if it's one of these four. :D Tell me anything and everything about these colleges, I cant wait to hear!!! :)</p>

<p>Without knowing your stats and EC's it is hard to know how to direct you. My D applied to all four and was accepted by all four. We found USF extremely easy, no essay required, rolling acceptances. UCF also very easy to get the acceptance if you are good student. FSU and UF required more thought for the essays, we laid to on very thick for FSU with their topic related to campus motto. D decided to go very real in her essays, outlining how her high school experiences related to coming to campus and how they prepared her to be a contributing part of campus.<br>
She chose to not attend any of the four. She went to visit Florida Southern College and fell in love with the small campus and was wowed by the reviews. Smaller campus, more involvement. They made the decision easy with giving her the opportunity to interview for scholarships which are covering all but 3,000 of her total room and board. The remainder covered by small student loan. Bright Futures gives Florida Resident Access Grant for private colleges.
She extremely happy saving her parents money.</p>

<p>It would be helpful to know what your academic interests are.</p>

<p>I don't go to any of these schools, but I did just graduate from a high school in Florida and so I know a lot about what sort of students they admit. UF seems to be REALLY HARD to get into, I know people who are wonderful students, amazing grades and good test scores, and they got rejected. I did get in, but I was one of only a few. I think they're pretty test-score-centric, since I had really good test scores but average grades. FSU is slightly easier, I know a lot of people going there. I started applying but didn't finish (I only wound up applying to two schools) I don't really know anyone who did passably well in high school (B-B+) and didn't get into FSU. UCF was seen more as a safety school at my high school, but I know a lot of people going there as well. It's a beautiful campus and likely has a pretty good future ahead of it, slightly easier to get into than FSU. USF was pretty much a safety/commuter school for those who went to my high school because we were already in Tampa. I don't think it's very well known outside of Florida, though. However, it's a good school, easy to get in, but make sure you have everything in order, because they are very unorganized and I know a few people who almost couldn't get everything in on time and risked not being able to go to any of the schools they tried for.</p>

<p>Overall, I'd say UF would be your best bet, but it's hard to know for sure without knowing your academic interests. FSU would be a close second. The other two aren't really known outside of Florida, but they're all good, as far as I know.</p>

<p>UF loves AP classes and involvement in music. UF is very difficult to judge who will get in and who will not. That is also assuming that your unweighted gpa is 3.5 or above.</p>

<p>This really depends on what you want to study.</p>

<p>My ACT composite is 23 and my SAT verbal,math,and writing was 1550. My GPA is 3.81 unweighted and I make straight A's 99.5% of the time lol.i wanted to get my BS in criminology and my MS in 2-3 types of Forensic Science.Also i'm involved in SGA,National Honor Society and a community organization by the name of the Urban League National Achievers plus i own enough volunteer hours to pass around :)</p>

<p>btw i definitely plan to take the ACT 2 more times in hopes of getting a 26...I guess i can dream...and hopefully achieve :)</p>

<p>now what could possibly be my chances???</p>

<p>FSU has the oldest and best Criminology program: Research</a> Brought To Life : Florida State University College of Criminology & Criminal Justice</p>

<p>Your unweighted GPA works to your advantage, assuming you have sufficient course rigor. Your ACT score is a bit of negative...so take it over and boost your score.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I got into UF with:
1870 SAT
3.35 unweighted GPA at the time I applied (I was in the hospital for a year though, if you have low grades for any legitimate reason do tell them)
Top 9% (If you're a FL student you get to enjoy the wonderful program Talented Twenty. Basically if you're in the top 20% at your school you are guaranteed a spot at one of atleast three state schools which you applied to though not necessarily the one of your choice)
In AICE program (the most academically challenging program my school, which UF eats up every kid who applied at my school from this program got in except a few and those were the kids who had ended up going to Stanford/Brown/Emory etc.)
Newspaper, Founding staff writer, news editor, entertainment editor, editor in chief
FCCLA, founding president
Ecology club member
GSA member
-Work Experience
Intern for David Rivera's campaign for state senate
-Volunteer Work
I had about 500 hours of comm service recorded. A lot of self initated projects
-I also won a lot of awards for FCCLA, FSPA (newspaper association), and at school</p>

<p>I tried to take a different spin on a stereotypical essay. I wrote about how much being in the newspaper staff meant to me by describing the moment I lost 1/4 of the newspaper my first time doing a layout because I forgot to hit the save button. At the end I tried to tie it back to UF as you should always try to hint at what you'll bring to the campus. I said I could lend my knowledge of newspaper design and article structure to the Alligator and that I could help my fellow peers by making sure they knew the importance of the save button. One of my friends wrote that her life altering moment was actually visiting UF, she got in! What school doesn't want to hear that? </p>

<p>Hope this helps, I also got a full ride free of loans so I'm sure you can get in!</p>

<p>Many of the kids who were denied but should've been accepted were often very overqualified and thus expected to end up somewhere like Berkeley. Also, it depends on the major you choose, if you are applying for a very popular major and have really low stats some times its better to go in undecided unless your extracurriculars and essays show undeniable passion for the major. </p>

<p>I know a friend who had a 3.3 gpa 1400 sat scores in all three and the only club he joined was GSA for a year; he got in but my friend who had a 3.7 gpa was a Cambridge Scholar (meaning you received an b or an a in three of more subjects in the AICE program) had tons on community service and had an 1860 didn't get in. My guess is you don't get many male nurses. IDK I still can't figure that one out. Good luck!</p>

<p>I just saw that you wanted to know about the schools. Many of my classmates went off to UF I hear it’s definitely a party schools; in one night you could expect to make your way to 5 parties and still manage to miss out on a couple dozen. If you are more of a drug person I hear the weed is abundant and they have great headshops in the vaccinity. There’s always something to do at UF though not necessarily crazy. When the time comes Gators do know how to study. The lawns are filled with students studying or reading the Alligator which is actually very popular. Everyone who visits UF leaves in awe of the library. Those who visit at one point and sometimes more than once mention the movable shelves in the library. The class sizes are large but that’s standard for a state school. The school is incredibly spirited, it’s totally okay to wear a blue dress with orange socks, and it just shows how spirited you are! It’s fashionable and people love to show their pride! Someone who currently goes there once told me they heard the crowd cheering all the way from their dorm room during a football game. Football is such a big part of campus life it’s almost impossible to get tickets. Their financial aid is pretty solid many of my friends who come from varying economic backgrounds received a good financial aid package. Its considered the Southern Harvard in terms of architecture and many people do consider the campus to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s a college town describe by my friend as looking like your little American town but having everything a college kid could want. The campus is huge, bikes are abundant. I urge you to go visit these schools.</p>