I have been going back and forth between these 2 colleges for a while now and I have to make a decision soon. I wanted to go to FSU from the beginning but I’ve heard their school of engineering is not great. However USF is not as highly known as FSU but I was accepted into USF’s Honors Program. Which school is better for engineering and overall?

Pick the school you like best. The reputation between the two is negligible.

FSU shares a campus with FAMU. This could be a concern as it’s separated from both schools, I believe a few miles from fsu.

@tsbna44 Yeah, you’re right about the campus thing.

FSU is a great school with really great academics, as well as USF. I would say it’s mostly up to the campus and what feel you want for your college experience as they are really similar in their engineering programs. :person_shrugging: FSU is kind of in an odd spot; Tallahassee is weirdly quiet. However, the campus is lovely and one of the most not-Florida feeling areas you can go to in FL (the weather is a lot cooler in the winter; architecture is different). USF, however, is in Tampa, and Tampa is noticeably more lively and is closer to central FL for a more “authentic” FL feel. Both are fantastic schools, but when I visited FSU I got the feeling they support their students more than the average college. I’m 99% sure FSU-FAMU and USF literally tie for engineering. As far as sharing a campus goes (for FSU-FAMU), FAMU is a lovely campus and they have some really awesome, very motivated students there, and they are separate aside from the school of engineering. It’s separated, but not very far at all. FSU, keep in mind, is also pretty far from the major urban areas in FL.

Just the points I could provide, good luck in your search! I think it’s just up to you. Congrats, regarding the acceptance into the Honors Program!

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Thank you! I’m very in between the two. But knowing that they’re both within the same range for engineering makes it a little better to focus more on the college experience

A couple of suggestions:

–If possible try to revisit the two schools and see if one feels like the better fit.

–Also be take the time to research/understand exactly what benefits the honors program at USF will provide - honors programs can vary greatly from college to college.