FSU work study program.. QUESTION!

<p>If I applied for work study program, what are the chances of actually getting a job and do I have to take the job they offer me(iff they offer me one).</p>

<p>And does anyone know what some common jobs are that fsu has for work study?</p>


<p>This was quite a few years ago, but a job I had on campus as a student assistant involved work in the Institute</a> of Molecular Biophysics helping account for research budgets and running down and photocopying myriad research publications for professors (before the Internet, of course).</p>

<p>Your chances are hard to determine, as usually knowing what jobs are open by word of mouth and knowing someone in the department mean a lot to being hired. You do not have to accept a job, by why apply if you don't want to work?</p>