FSU's "Degree in Three" program

<p>Can anyone please share any info or experiences with the "Degree in Three" program? I'll be a new freshman in the fall, entering with about 34 credits fom dual enrollment and AP. I'm about 70% sure of what I want to major in, but I'm not sure if the "Degree in Three" program is for me. </p>

<p>Also, does anyone know what programs are available at FSU where I can work toward a combined bachelor's/master's and take some graduate classes paid for by Bright Futures and other undergraduate scholarship money. If I could get some graduate classes paid for while an undergraduate that would be nice, but I wouldn't necessarily let that dictate what I major in. </p>

<p>Thank you for any advice.</p>

<p>Apply for it! You get priority registration and you get an outline of what you need to take for the next three years. It's just for a program for students with a lot of credit hours coming in to get first dibs at registering for classes so he/she can graduate on track.</p>

<p>I emailed FSU inquiring about the "Degree in Three" program and the lady in charge of the program, Dr. Mahler, responded back giving me some tips for talking with my adviser and scheduling classes at orientation and an offer to meet with her about the program at my orientation session in a couple of weeks. She said I'd get an invitation for an information meeting at beginning of fall semester when I begin studies about the program. </p>

<p>I like the idea of priority registration privilege, but I don't want to get in over my head rushing into the program. I will consider doing the program, but will weigh it a little more first. Apparently only about 100 students do the program each fall, I guess not too many students want to rush through college in 3 or less years.</p>